Oliver Woods-"RAM is Not a Communist Front"

RAM press release

The Residents Action Movement, better known as RAM, today elected Oliver Woods and Grant Brookes as co-leaders of their candidates group.

Mr Woods, a 20-year-old university graduate in politics, was formerly deputy chair of the Labour Party’s electorate committee in Epsom. Several weeks ago he was elected co-chair of the Student Representation Committee at Auckland University for 2009. Mr Woods, who speaks Spanish and Mandarin, is standing for RAM in the Auckland Central electorate…

RAM first arose in Greater Auckland as an organiser of the Rates Revolt against the regional council’s massive home rate hikes in 2003… RAM won 100,000 votes in Greater Auckland’s 2007 council elections.

In March 2008, RAM decided to go nationwide and to stand for Parliament as well as councils. In the six months since then, RAM has gained 3,000 members in the country’s fastest political recruitment drive.

Today RAM elected a list ticket of 26 candidates for the 2008 General Election. Eleven of them are also standing for electorate seats in Whangarei, Auckland, Rotorua and Wellington.

RAM’s party list rankings

Oliver Woods (Auckland Central)

Grant Brookes (Wellington Central)Member Socialist Worker central committee

Roger Fowler (Mangere)Former member Communist Party of New Zealand, close associate of Socialist Worker

Elliott Blade (Maungakiekie)

Michelle Ducat (list only)

Martin Kaipo (Whangarei)

Cordelia Black (list only)

Stephen Cooper (North Shore)

Daphne Lawless (New Lynn)Member Socialist Worker central committee

TK Khan (Roskill)

Grant Rogers (Rotorua)Close associate of Socialist Worker central committee member Bernie Hornfeck

Don Archer (list only)Member Socialist Worker central committee,former member Communist Party of New Zealand

Pat O’Dea (Papakura)Member Socialist Worker, former member Communist Party of New Zealand

Bronwen Beechey (list only)Member Socialist Worker, former member Australian Democratic Socialist Party

Robyn Hughes (list only)Partner of Socialist Worker central committee member, RAM organiser and former general secretary of Communist Party of New Zealand, Grant Morgan

Rafe Copeland (Epsom)

Michael Lai (list only)

Curwen Rolinson (list only)

Peter Hughes (list only)Member Socialist Worker central committee,former member Communist Party of New Zealand

Dave Colyer (list only)Member Socialist Worker

Kyle Webster (list only)Member Socialist Worker

Sam Richardson (list only)

Tom Pearce (list only)

Len Parker (list only)Member Socialist Worker central committee,former member Communist Party of New Zealand

Jonathan Williams (list only)

Peter de Waal (list only)Member Socialist Worker, former member of Permanent Revolution Group

Oliver Woods would like to assure voters that of blogger Trevor Loudon “RAM is not a communist front.”


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4 thoughts on “Oliver Woods-"RAM is Not a Communist Front"

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  2. You’re welcome Oliver. I hope RAM does well enough to shave a few percentage points off the Green Party tally-just enough to take them below 5%, touch wood.

  3. I don’t see why comunist types can’t turn their energys to something postive. Good on yer! Auckland is predicted to have a city the size of Chch added in 25 years. This wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for the industry groups backing national and Labour. The guts of the matter is make money at the top and pay for infrastructure down the bottom, while enjoying your twilght years looking at the slabtilt outside you sunless front window..

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