Green Party File 5 Strickson-Pua Supports Urewera Arrestees

Green Party File 4 here

These peace-loving Greens just can’t seem to keep away from those (allegedly) gun-toting, molotov coctail posessing “Urewera 17” people.

Rev Mua Strickson-Pua has been out supporting the arrestees as they appear for depositions hearings on firearms charges in the Auckland court this week.

Strickson-Pua right

While from a strong Samoan Christian background Rev Strickson-Mua has been heavily involved in leftist politics since the 1970s. He was active in the 1978 Bastion Point occupation and the 1981 anti Springbok Tour protests.

Rev Strickson-Mua was a supporter of the Marxist leaning Polynesian Panthers, a group explicitly modelled on the US Black Panthers.

In 2005 he was the Green Party candidate for Mangere and was placed at 21 on the party list.

Green Party file 6 here


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6 thoughts on “Green Party File 5 Strickson-Pua Supports Urewera Arrestees

  1. Mua was there to show his tautoko as a Samoan Pacific Islander and not as a member of gthe green party, once agian your ‘facts’ are false and add fuel to your hair brained paranoia.

  2. I used to have an element of respect for you Trevor until you opened your blogging and writing up to be bought out by the top dollar.

  3. I don’t do defamatory articles Bob-I tell the truth.

    If some of my subjects come out looking bad, its because they do bad things.

    Still interested?

  4. Hi my name is Bob and I am a member of the Green Party. Now that you are a writer for hire, how much do you charge to write a defamatory article on Rodney Hyde thanks.

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