Green Party File 5 Strickson-Pua Supports Urewera Arrestees

Green Party File 4 here

These peace-loving Greens just can’t seem to keep away from those (allegedly) gun-toting, molotov coctail posessing “Urewera 17” people.

Rev Mua Strickson-Pua has been out supporting the arrestees as they appear for depositions hearings on firearms charges in the Auckland court this week.

Strickson-Pua right

While from a strong Samoan Christian background Rev Strickson-Mua has been heavily involved in leftist politics since the 1970s. He was active in the 1978 Bastion Point occupation and the 1981 anti Springbok Tour protests.

Rev Strickson-Mua was a supporter of the Marxist leaning Polynesian Panthers, a group explicitly modelled on the US Black Panthers.

In 2005 he was the Green Party candidate for Mangere and was placed at 21 on the party list.

Green Party file 6 here


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6 thoughts on “Green Party File 5 Strickson-Pua Supports Urewera Arrestees

  1. Hi my name is Bob and I am a member of the Green Party. Now that you are a writer for hire, how much do you charge to write a defamatory article on Rodney Hyde thanks.

  2. I don’t do defamatory articles Bob-I tell the truth.

    If some of my subjects come out looking bad, its because they do bad things.

    Still interested?

  3. I used to have an element of respect for you Trevor until you opened your blogging and writing up to be bought out by the top dollar.

  4. Mua was there to show his tautoko as a Samoan Pacific Islander and not as a member of gthe green party, once agian your ‘facts’ are false and add fuel to your hair brained paranoia.

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