Rodney Skewers Clark Over Peters Fiasco

From the ACT website

ACT Leader Rodney Hide today said he was disappointed with Prime Minister Helen Clark’s decision to keep Winston Peters – especially after Owen Glenn came armed with evidence that was concrete and reinforced with steel.

“Winston Peters, however, had nothing but bluff and bluster – and not a skerrick of evidence to back it up,” Mr Hide said.

The Prime Minister said she doesn’t know who to believe. Well, I do – and so too does the country.

“Miss Clark has today decided to campaign as a Clark-Peters Government, and is holding on to Winston Peters. She’s setting the standard, and has waved goodbye to honesty and integrity for her Government and the Labour Party.

“The election can’t come quick enough – it’s time for a fresh government, fresh ideas, and a government that has the guts to do what’s right,” Mr Hide said.


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