"When We Die as Martyrs"

Golda Meir, former Prime Minister of Israel, was once asked when there would be peace in the Middle East. She replied, “There will be peace in the Middle East when the Arabs love their children more than they hate us.”


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20 thoughts on “"When We Die as Martyrs"

  1. This video shows the true face of Islam, a religion capable of great evil. This represents the worst in man and these poor children will suffer because of their parents lack of love for them. It also shows what cowards their parents are.

  2. This video can show the world what Israeli's and Jews already know. It is unbelievable, that the world can unify against Israel's right to self defense while this information is readily available.
    Thank you Trevor, for making more available to even more people. The world needs to understand.

    Please check out and bookmark this site too for so much information:

  3. Of course, the unspoken part of this is who these beautiful children will be "taking out" on their journey to martyrdom. Other beautiful children — Jews, American Christians, perhaps as well — will die at the hands of these young ones, if they actually act out the martyrdom they are glorifying.

    We are singing sweetly about cold-blooded murder.

    I cannot understand the Sharia laws and the Islamic extremist. There can be no confusion: these are acts of hatred, not acts of love, mercy, or compassion. These are acts that obliterate life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    Because of the horrific tenets of Shariah, Shariah Law and the U.S. Constitution cannot coexist in the same society.

    I cannot understand why liberal (aka Progressive) adults here in the States do not recognize the Marxist co-opting of Islam as well as Christianity.

    Western women and homosexual communities are waltzing blindly into the "mouse"trap. And I'm not sure the Marxists understand the danger of their double dealing with jihadists.

    Our tolerance and PC thinking, our easygoing acceptance and glorification of nonChristian cultures, is really blindness and suicidal naivete (at best).

  4. Not to forget of course that Golda Meir's Zionist compatriot David Ben-Gurion openly acknowledged that Palestinians would hate.

    "We are taking the Palestinians' land….."

    "Justice the seed, peace the flower".

  5. What a video! It is sad that children can be used to advance the "peaceful" ideas.
    Keep up the good work!

  6. Hi Trevor:
    Your blog has been on my Blog List from the very first time Glenn Beck mentioned it on his show a while ago. Today's video is chilling. I'll be sharing it along with your link on my blog, Facebook page and by Twitter.
    We all need to see how serious the terrorists are and how they indoctrinate their children from an early age. God Help Us.

  7. I too heard your blog mentioned on Glenn Beck this morning. Thank you for taking a stand for liberty and freedom. This blog will now be a daily visit for me.

  8. Thank you for the video information to share with others will be one of my goals today. The truth is out there all we need is strong and dedicated individuals to find it and courageous people to share it. Thanks Glenn for the address to this site!

  9. Visited your site after Glenn promoted it this morning. Plan on returning often. This video is chilling, but not unexpected.

  10. Thanks to Glenn beck I now have this site book marked. We share alot off the same views. Keep up the good work.

  11. Promoting liberty is a worthy endeavor in NZ and beyond. Glenn Beck mentioned your site today and I'm impressed by what I've seen here.

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