Next South African President Was Moscow Trained Communist

It’s long been known that South African President and former ANC leader, Thabo Mbeki, was a former Moscow trained communist.

The new ANC leader and therefore future South African president, Jacob Zuma is a former ANC intelligence chief and extreme leftist.

While he was installed as head of the ANC with Communist Party support, there has been no credible proof that Zuma was ever a party member himself.

Gerald Horne, a leading US communist lets the rat out of the bag in his review for the CPUSA’s Political Affairs of the book “No Easy Victories: African Liberation and American Activists over a Half Century”

However, for those seeking to understand contemporary reality–which is part of the purpose of reading history like this in the first place–one can close this book unprepared to comprehend how, for example, Communist-influenced forces played a pivotal role in December 2007 in dislodging a sitting president, Thabo Mbeki, as leader of the African National Congress.

Or, for that matter, one is unprepared to comprehend how Mbeki and his challenger, Jacob Zuma, are both former Communists trained in the former Soviet Union with the latter’s Russian reportedly being quite fluent.

The South African Communist Party obviously thinks that ex-comrade Zuma will stay truer to his training than has ex-comrade Mbeki.


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