Russians Rebuilding Naval Prescence

From Novosti

SEVEROMORSK, February 3 – Russia will build up its presence in the strategic areas of the World Ocean, the Russian navy commander said on Sunday.

Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky summed up Sunday the results of the Russian naval task force’s two-month tour of duty in the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic. The operation was the first large-scale Russian navy exercise in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean in 15 years.

What is important is that we have appeared [in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean] at a scheduled time and not just that we appeared there. We’ll do all we can to build up our presence where Russia has strategic interests,” Vysotsky said, adding that Russia intended to carry out similar missions once every six months.

The flagship of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, the Moskva guided missile cruiser, joined up with Russian naval warships in the Mediterranean on January 18 to participate in the maneuvers in the Atlantic from January 28 to February 2.


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