Bolton: The Russians Want First Strike Capability

 Every one of the 13 Republican Senators who voted for the New START Treaty should be targeted for defeat in their next primary.


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5 thoughts on “Bolton: The Russians Want First Strike Capability

  1. Well… now that more and more people are realizing that we have had a communist-takeover, what are we going to do about it? There needs to be a movement to start a third party that will actually make the rest of the idiots in this nation aware of this. The government is at war against the people and it is time to retaliate. The Republicans are of no use as they are part of the problem. "GOD" – Guardians of Democracy – needs to be started.

  2. It's much worse than that.Not only are they communist traitors but they are not intelligent enough to know that they have sold and weakened their own lives to a sure death.If this were a captain on a ship the crew would be obligated to relieve him of his command and perhaps put him in the brig as they awaited charges of treason to be filed.And yet we sleep.

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