Communists Use Democrats to Destroy "Right"

The Communist Party USA is working with and inside the US Democratic Party to elect Barack Obama and defeat the Republicans.

The Democrats seem pretty cool with this and no-one else seems to be taking much notice.

It seems commies are OK these days.

This little snippet from a 2007 Young Communist League USA National Board report serves as a reminder that the reds are still revolutionaries-and they’re using the poor dumb Democrats, just as they always have.

But even though the ultra-right is in retreat, kicking and screaming and even calling Hillary Clinton’s half public-half private healthcare proposal “socialist”, they still haven’t been defeated. As Communists, we have to finish the task of isolating the ultra-right and completely removing them from power—using the Democrats to finish the job.

And we should recognize that the debates in the election primaries already far exceed the level of discussion of past elections. Never in our lifetimes have all the Democratic candidates competed so hard for the labor vote, postured over who’s more against the war in Iraq, or fought to have the best universal healthcare plan.

Though we are not a door knock away from socialist revolution, the political tide has definitely shifted in our favor. Sam Webb, the national chair of the Communist Party always reminds us that though socialist revolution often seems long in the distant future, we must never underestimate how quickly things can change. The outrage of working people and youth over the lack of jobs, under-funded schools, and what feels like a never-ending war in Iraq is building, and we find among young people an ever-growing need to fight back.

Yep, the commies are definitely OK.


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