Gaza – the Truth

Israel is coming under heavy attack on all fronts from the left. The country is being targeted for destruction. If we let Israel fall alone , we deserve the same fate.

Got these two vids this morning, from a close friend, a veteran of the Israeli Defence Force and I might add, a very ‘liberal’ guy.

They give a very different picture of the recent flotilla assault and life in Gaza.


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11 thoughts on “Gaza – the Truth

  1. oh my God…the foolishness of most of the comments on this.. they would make me laugh if it wasn't so sad. I think the problem is that people have confused persecution of the Jews for 2000 years with permission to persecute others. The state of Israel, not all Jews, breaks international law, murders civilians and occupies other countries (Golan Heights and the OPT) breaks the Geneva convention and everyone says thats ok because of the Holocaust..well surely that Means that its ok for Islamic countries to do what they like beacuse of the Crusades? After all its documented that the european crusaders not only persecutes but butchered and sometimes even ate the Musims.

    1. Oh My God, …… the stupidity of the “hate Israel” poster on every forum borders on Nazism. The constant bleating on how Israel persecutes the poor downtrodden Arabs while the rest of the Arab world murders their fellow Arabs and Christians is a farce. Ask the Coptic Christians of Egypt how their rights are violated. What about the manslaughter of Gadaffi loyalists in the tens of thousands while Israel sends food, power, and medicine to the Arabs of Gaza and Judea.

      And since you mentioned the holocost, why ignore the fact that Muslims volunteered to serve in the SS? Why ignore that the actual tenets of National Socialism including the Nazi salute have been adopted by Hamas. It is documented the the Crusaders persecuted others, but only after 100 YEARS of Islamic Jihad in Europe. The Muslims have NO democracy in the middle east. The Muslims tolerate NO other religions in ANY country they control.

  2. Mr. Northland… are you off your meds? What the hell are you talking about?

    google "pallywood" and here's another video for you about Gaza. The poster describes this as "Arab propaganda makes you believe that there is nothing but suffering in Gaza… Some images, though, will never be on your tv. Why ? Because Gaza is not at all what you think it is. And billions of oil money are spent to make sure that you will continue to think this way."

    Watch for yourself:

    p.s. Israel delivers 10,000 tons of aid/goods to Gaza each week. I think Gaza ain't grateful, eh

  3. Ug-Am Lisa is back……gauchly expounding as a virtue her startling inhumanity.

    Which has her richly deserving of the appellation "Ug-Am-Zionistist"

    Now as we all kmow the Zionists are the world's new nazis.

    You cheeky thing……all the time you hung around bleating about Te Tiriti O Waitanga……and in fact from the very start you had a far more sinister "zionistist" kaupapa……Bad, Dangerous Girl!

  4. Anonymous asks why does Egypt support the Gaza blockade. I would say it is because Egypt has a nasty authortarian US backed government that doesn't care about human life.

  5. Steve… is wrong… again… at least he's consistent.

    History started 70 years ago?

    Your stupidity shows when u say this shite, Mr. Northland.

    How about 2000 years? Here is a pretty good speech outlining 2000 years of Jewish history and persecution.

    Perhaps some truth will rub off on goofball-Steve… but don't hold your breath.

    "Israel is a victim not an aggressor in the Middle East
    A speech by Jonathan Hoffman, Co-Vice Chair of the UK's Zionist Federation at a debate by the Durham University Union, 14 May 2009"

  6. Typically Mr Logan you do not answer the point.

    Plain, undeniable, historic record: it was zionists introduced modern day terrorism to the region 70 years ago. It has never stopped.

    Educate yourself before you mouth off, idiot ! And you 1776, before you get all high school hand-over-heart maudlin.

    The oppressed have become the oppressors !

  7. @Steven….maybe you would like it if Israel allowed itself to get destroyed? Islam is today's Nazism.

  8. A cruel apartheid, vile crimes against humanity, and you disgraceful lot applaud it.

    The obscenity of invoking the spirit of 1776 in doing so is utterly repugnant to all decent people.

    You can have your Nazionism!

  9. Why is Egypt in such support of the Blockade if it's so unreasonable?

    Thanks for getting the truth out.

    Remember, folks, the Leftists want the truth to be shut down completely. Kagan, too, wants to count the "cost" before truth can be freely spoken and published.

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