8 thoughts on “If You Want to Change the World, First Change Yourself…

  1. Anon-Heather’s Army time has gained her dozens of speaking enegagements. it has also gained her considerable respect inside the Armed Services and enabled her to speak with more authority on security issues.

    Heather’s ongoing commitment to the Army has been good for all concerned-including the public at large.

  2. The comment above is too tough for my liking, and too intrusive. I find it distasteful and suspect is grosslyunfair.

    However, the very fact that such comment is made raises questions about the ACT strategy which put Rodney Hide into the Dancing with the Stars contest. In hindsight it appears to have brought more harm than good to both ACT and Mr Hide.

    Similarly, you can question the time, effort, thought that Heather Roy put into her Territorial Army training and service. If it wasn’t just a personal whim/ambition, has it paid off for her and for ACT????

  3. Personal grooming is so important,But lets get real here. Rod the Bod was motivated by his lust for some bimbo on a telly programme. Hardly the stuff of strong moral fortitude.

    The downsides to getting a place at the public trough is the desire to indulge in gluttoney for the hell of it. Still after the initial rush is over and reason gets a little control, those with a few clues start to pace themselves. After all there is plenty to go around at the top table.

    I guess its every kids dream to get locked in a lolly shop overnight.


  4. The blog this links to says Rodney is a libertarian.

    I thought he was a traditional Liberal, as ACT says.

    What the hell do Libertarians believe in. Are they just another Utopian mob like communists, fascists, and social crediters?

  5. The two types of people that’ll fail, utterly are…..Those the try to change the world and those that try to keep it from changing.

    My ideal society is constructed of round (much as layered “Bucky Balls”) DNA not our amazingly twisted type.

    Stay on groovin’ safari,

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