1 thought on “Reviving the Constitution "America’s Foundational Principles"

  1. "Natural Law" governed by the "common-law" is only administered by the State governments. The original design was that the citizen was found in one of the States. Each State constitution has a Bill of Rights that protected the citizen's Creator derived "natural" rights.

    Each State constitution declared "God" to be the author and guarantor of our liberties.

    The "federal" government administers "international law" (admiralty jurisdiction), the same "alien jurisdiction" complained of in the Declaration of Independance, the abuse of which provoked the Revolutionary War, and the primary cause of the Civil War. This is a military authority that does not recognize and protect rights as the common-law does, it enforces law (contract).

    These two authorities are incompatible, a "wall of separation" was erected between Congress and the State governments, and the citizens protected by them. Congress has been given jurisdiction only over "Territories".

    The 14th Amendment created a "federal" (international law) "subject" citizen and vested them with "statutory" (positive law) rights founded in the Civil Rights Acts, intended to be their counterpart to the Creator derived "natural" rights that applied to the de-jure common-law citizen. Congress thereby provided its creatures with "statutory" equality to the founding body politic.

    The 14th Amendment, applicable only to the non-"posterity" minorities, established an after-market counterfiet America on the "federal" level to accomodate them.

    The 14th Amendment is forcing "international law" upon the States, forcing them to violate their State constitutions, effectively "converting" them back to functioning as
    Territories" (a State is exempt from "federal" authority).

    "Natural Law" does not exist on the "federal" level, there is no "federal" Americanism. We are now a component segment in a Global government (admiralty jurisdiction is "world law"). Free america is no more.

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