Was Decision Not To Press Terrorism Charges Political?

The conspiracy theories about the conspiracy to cover up the “terrorism” conspiracy have started.

From today’s Sunday Star/Times

Solicitor-General David Collins was briefed by Crown lawyers weeks before the police terror raids – but did not raise any concerns about the likely charges.

His decision on Thursday to throw out police attempts to bring charges under the Terrorism Suppression Act came as a bombshell to Police Commissioner Howard Broad, Crown lawyers, and police investigators.

Collins described the law as “unnecessarily complex, incoherent and almost impossible to apply” to domestic situations.

But the Sunday Star- Times has learnt Collins had an initial full briefing at least a month before the October 15 police raids ended the 22-month investigation, codenamed Operation eight, and then had regular updates – without raising serious doubts about charges.

A source said: “It’s a very political decision. (Collins) knew what we were doing, what we had and as far as we know he didn’t flag any concerns (about the evidence or using the Terrorism Act).” Collins, Broad and the Crown Law Office would not directly comment on, or even confirm, the briefings.

Asked if the police would have acted differently had Collins indicated his concerns, a spokeswoman for Broad said: “The action to terminate the operation on October 15 would still have taken place because of the threat to public safety. There is provision to do that under the Arms Act.”

New Zeal So what’s going on? Is this report simply more unsubstantiated rumour or was there really a political element to the decision not to apply the Suppression of Terrorism Act?

If there was political pressure (and I’m not saying there was), I’ve got a conspiracy theory of my own.

The two main groups targeted were Maori radicals and anarchist environmental/peace activists.

Could there be links between these two groups and the Maori and Green Parties?

Would links to real terrorists prove embarrassing to these two parties at the 2008 election?

Could the Labour Party even suffer considering that one of those arrested is allegedly a Labour Party member?

What would happen to Labour in the 2008 election if its two likely coalition partners, the Maori Party and the Greens were linked in any way with the “Urewera 17” in court?

What do you think punters?


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6 thoughts on “Was Decision Not To Press Terrorism Charges Political?

  1. Interesting, aye you guys ?

    Guess I’m nearly excited as you fullas…..Wow…..an Arms Trial !

    Sweet !

  2. From the way Pita Sharples is carrying on I doubt the Maori Party `was in the loop’ if it was political – or else he is a very good actor.

  3. Trevor, as the VP of the once-mighty ACT Party, you might like to know that the part of the ACT website that allows people to join the party or donate has been blank since late August. How many new members has ACT had since August 18th? None?


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