Red Lops Dreadlocks

That was then

This is now.

Victoria University student prezzy and Workers Party radical, Nick Kelly has shorn his trademark dreads. Even worse he’s selling them on Trade Me.

Why this blatant capitalism? Why doesn’t he give his hair away to someone who needs it more? Rodney Hide for example.

What next, a three piece suit and membership of the Young Nats? Are we seeing the beginnings of the long awaited redemption of Nick Kelly?


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3 thoughts on “Red Lops Dreadlocks

  1. Nick Kelly must be getting used to swallowing dead rats.

    Not only is he proposing fee increases, but as VUWSA president he’s found himself organising skiing trips for rich students.

    I bet his Anti-capitalist Alliance manual never mentioned that overthrowing capitalism would require him to arrange snow skiing trips for the kids of millionaires.

    Oh the humanity.

  2. Looks like Nick has also changed his attitude to fee increases.

    Student Choice released this yesterday:
    “A week before the Victoria University of Wellington Students Association (VUWSA) holds a meeting to protest increases in tuition fees, the VUWSA president has proposed raising the association’s own compulsory fee, Student Choice said today.

    In the 24 July edition of Salient, VUWSA president Nick Kelly said in the future there may have to be a rise in the compulsory VUWSA levy. Kelly said the fee increase could come in the form of a set increase or a change to an inflation-adjusted levy….

    Student Choice spokesman Mike Heine said it was hypocritical for VUWSA to oppose increases in tuition fees while planning to raise its own fee….

    On 7 March this year Nick Kelly led a protest on parliament to “demand an end to fee increases” and said “it is socially irresponsible to allow fees to keep increasing” and that government had a responsibility to “stop passing on costs to students”. Nick Kelly is obviously happy for VUWSA to pass costs on to students.”


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