Bend Over, Australia

The left is gloating over the Australian Labor Party’s emphatic victory in Saturday’s general election.

From the Communist Party USA’s Political Affairs Editor’s Blog;

It is predicted that three-fourths of the ministers in the new Rudd Government in Australia will be trade unionists. Amazin!

This came from the fact that the single most unpopular part of the Howard government was its draconian Industrial Relations policies.

The first order of business will be to roll back the Howard WorkChoice program.

Also, a main focus will be focus on the educational programs that essentially destroyed the teaching profession in Australia. It seems like right wing government, like Howard’s idol, Geo Bush, [NYC Mayor Bloomberg not a distant 3rd] focus on destroying the ability of young people to think for themselves. This area will be a top priority for Rudd and the teachers unions.

The ACT, Australian Council of Trade Unions, will have in the drivers seat in these early days of the Rudd government.

So it’s back to strict union control over the workforce and no parental say over their children’s education.

Pity our cousins across the Tasman.


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2 thoughts on “Bend Over, Australia

  1. Yeah, it’s just old Aunty Trev getting all hot-flushy cos that Democracy Bitch delivered a result he don’t like.

    Doesn’t mean more than that. Characteristically there’s little connection with reality.

    That’s why you fullas are, and will remain, two percenters, if that. No connection with reality…..

  2. I think the CPUSA will be bitterly disappointed if they think that ALP is their friend. One only needs to look at the reaction of the Australian sharemarket this morning to see what capitalists think of this government.

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