Aussie Communists Back Greens.

It is no surprise that the Communist Party of Australia wants John Howard and his Liberal led coalition out.

However, the CPA is not urging its supporters to vote Labor, but to give their first preference to the Australian Greens.

The CPA clearly reasons that a strong green party ifluence will help drive Labor further left.

From the Communist Party of Australia’s Guardian

Labor will be caught between these expectations and the realities of capitalism, and will not be helped by its commitment to neo-liberal policies.

In reality, with the independence of the RBA, the floating of the dollar (by former Labor Treasurer Paul Keating), past privatisations, and other deregulatory measures, a Labor Government will have little control over interest rates and the big corporations, many of them foreign owned, which control most of the economy. The international (and local) financial markets are beyond the control of any capitalist government.

A Labor Government could, however, given the political will and the support of the electorate, implement progressive reforms that ameliorate some of the worst features of capitalism.

With the support of The Greens, with their policies for peace, justice, the environment, support for the public sector, the repeal of WorkChoices and other valuable alternatives, the balance of power in the Senate could prevent the Coalition from blocking progressive legislation such as trade union rights, withdrawing from Iraq, signing the Kyoto Protocols and taking other climate change measures, re-introducing a commonwealth dental scheme, proper funding for health and education etc.

The Communist Party of Australia advocates giving The Greens the number 1 vote in both houses and putting the Coalition parties last.


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