Philippines Communist Leader Charged With Murder

For the last few years leftist political activists in the Philippines have been targetted for assassination. Several hundred have died.

The Communists have blamed the Arroyo government. The government has blamed the Communists.

Now Dutch police have arrested exiled Communist Party of the Philippines leader Jose Maria Sison and charged him with murder.

From the Inquirer

Sison, who has been living in The Netherlands for the past 20 years, was arrested by Dutch police Tuesday for allegedly issuing orders from that country to murder former rebel leaders Romulo Kintanar and Arturo Tabara in the Philippines.

The CPP’s armed wing, the New People’s Army, has owned up to killing the two, who were among rebel leaders who led a faction break away from the CPP in the early 1990s.

The murders were allegedly carried out on Sison’s orders in 2003.

The Communist Party of the Philippines is not happy.

From Philippines Revolutionary Web Central

Communist Party of the Philippines
August 29, 2007

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the entire revolutionary movement condemn in the strongest terms possible the illegal arrest and detention of Comrade Jose Maria Sison, Senior Political Consultant of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) by Dutch police forces.

The CPP likewise condemns the Gestapo-style raid, the brusque ransacking of the Sison residence, the NDFP International Information Office in Utrecht, The Netherlands as well as the homes of other NDFP officials and staff in Utrecht and Abcoude, and the illegal seizure of computers, peace process documents and personal effects.

The CPP and the revolutionary forces in the Philippines hold the US-Arroyo regime and the Dutch government responsible for this fascist attack against Comrade Sison and other NDFP officials and workers in The Netherlands. The CPP and the revolutionary forces in the Philippines will make these governments fully accountable for any harm and dirty act that may befall Comrade Sison while under Dutch custody, including possible extraordinary rendition to the United States or any other country.

The Arroyo regime wishes that the revolutionary forces to lay down their arms to allow the Armed Forces of the Philippines to carry out more attacks and various acts of violence and suppression against the revolutionary and progressive forces and the entire people.

The charges being levelled against Comrade Sison are preposterous and will not stand in any fair court of justice. Comrade Sison is falsely and maliciously being made to appear responsible for the acts carried out by the New People’s Army (NPA) under the authority and expressed direction of the Philippine-based leadership of the CPP, people’s army and people’s revolutionary government.

The Communist Party of the Philippines calls on all freedom-loving and patriotic Filipinos, the Filipino community and friends in The Netherlands and other countries, the international progressive, anti-imperialist and civil rights movement and other anti-imperialist and democratic forces and people around the world to act now and help safeguard the rights and life of Comrade Jose Maria Sison.

We express complete support and solidarity to the protest actions in the Philippines, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, the US, Australia, Belgium and other countries. We anticipate protest actions to intensify in the coming days in order to denounce the arrest, demand the Dutch government to immediately release Comrade Sison and stop the US, Philippine and Dutch governments from subjecting him to further fascist attacts and harassment.

At the same time, all units of the New People’s Army (NPA) are tasked to continue carrying out tactical offensives nationwide in order to intensify the people’s war to a new and higher level and contribute to the concerted effort of the Filipino people to put an end to the puppet, rotten and ruthless Arroyo regime.

Well done, the Dutch!


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4 thoughts on “Philippines Communist Leader Charged With Murder

  1. I can’t imagine why the CIA wouldn’t mind have keeping tabs on any radical groups that supported terrorist movements like the Communist Party of the Phillippines back during the Cold War.

    It certainly justifies the CIA’s concern for such a thing. Maybe the CIA ought to look into Western Communist parties’ support for not just Soviet-Sino trained groups like the Communist Party of the Phillippines, but also their ties to “Muslim” terrorists even the likes of al-Qaeda.

  2. Yes MAH, the bleat about oppession while murdering anyone who opposes them-including their own former comrades.

  3. I should also mention this Flippino Communist leader has supporters in the pro-Soviet Workers’ World Party. It’s always interesting to see Communist leaders like this fellow and his supporters decry their targeted government they are prepared to ouster to be “repressive” but then the very government exposes that terrorist groups affiliated with the Communist Party of the Philippines were planning to take control of a few Flippino provinces, and targeting civilians.

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