2004 CID NGO Travel Fund Analysed

2003 analysis here

Here is my analysis of the CID NGO travel fund allocation in 2004.

Note that this is taxpayer’s money allocated by NZAID for foreign aid and development purposes.

Many of these grants appear to have been used to promote political causes.

Abigail Vogt – Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Aotearoa – attended Wom en’s International League for Peace and Free dom Meeting, Paris – Aug. 2003 ($1,283)

In the 1990s Abigail Vogt worked for the anarchist dominated Peace Movement Aotearoa. In the early ’00s she has worked alongside former Workers Communist League member Leonie Morris and former International Socialist member Alison Greenaway in the Auckland Womens Centre.

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom was an affiliate of the the old Soviet front World Peace Council.

Christopher Swain – CALM – Fifth Meeting of States Parties to the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty Conference, Bankok – Sept. 2003 ($1,250)

CALM is the Campaign Against Landmines.

Yadana Saw/Sara Tamati – Save the Children NZ – Children as Partners, Melbourne – Nov. 2003 ($2,180)

Yadana Saw has strong ties to the Wellington anarchist community. In 2001 and 2002, Saw helped organise the anarchist dominated Activism in Aotearoa gatherings in Wellington.

In 2004 National MP Katherine Rich exposed the allocation of $26,000 in Community Employment Group (CEG) money to Sara Tamati and her mother Fuarosa Tamati of Christchurch for a hip-hop research tour.

Sara Tamati’s father is former Polynesian Panthers activist Vic Tamati.

Simon Duffy – World Vision NZ – DFID: Trade, Growth and Poverty Conference, London – Dec. 2003 ($3,500)

Ron Riddell – The Latin America Committee– VII Cartagena International Poetry Festival, Colombia – Dec. 2003 ($3,500)

Ron Riddell is a writer and “peace” activist with strong ties to Latin America.

The Latin America Committee is a far left Wellington based organisation with ties to the “Urewera 17“, the Cuban ambassador to New Zealand and the Green Party.

Ian Thomson – 2020 Communications Trust– World Summit on the Information Society, Geneva – Dec. 2003 ($3,500)

Maire Leadbeater – Indonesia Human Rights Committee – Contributing towards sustainable Peace in Aceh, Kuala Lumpur – Dec. 2003 ($2,246)

The daughter of Communist Party leaders Jack and Elsie Locke and sister of Green Party MP Keith Locke.

In 2001 was Maire Leadbeater was olice along with some 31 other foreign academics, activists and non-government organisation officials after a raid on an Asia-Pacific conference in Jakarta focusing on globalisation issues.

Also involved in the incident was Australian Marxist-Leninist Pip Hinman, a member of the Democratic Socialist Party. Both Maire Leadbetter and Keith Locke had strong ties to the DSP.

In 2002 Leadbetter helped found the radical Global Peace and justice Auckland with Terry Dibble, Mike Treen, John Minto, Jane Kelsey, Dave Colyer ( Socialist Worker)Lynne Serpe (Green Party), Len Richards, Love Chile and Geraldene Peters.

Luke Coxon – Asia Pacific Workers Solidarity Links (Aotearoa) – World Social Forum, Mumbai – Jan. 2004 ($2,800)

Luke Coxon was a Radical Society Maoist at Auckland university in the late 1990s. Asia Pacific Workers Solidarity Links is an Asia/Pacific network of communist and Maoist unionists. The Mumbai WSF was partially organised by the Communist Party of India-(Marxist).

Manu Caddie – Te Ora Hou – Study Session on Civil Society and Youth Work: Trends and Challenges in a Globalising World, Strasbourg – Mar. 2004 ($2,500)

Manu Caddie, was in the mid 1990s involved with the anarchist linked Victoria University Human Rights Action Group and the East Timor Action Group.

David Robinson – Social and Civic Policy Institute – CIVICUS World Assembly, Botswana – Mar. 2004 ($600)

Rev Don Borrie and Dr Tim Beal – NZ Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea Society –Economic Reform, aid and rehabilitation in DPRK – Apr. 2004 ($3,500)

Don Borrie and Tim Beal are leading pro North Korea activists.

Don Borrie founded the NZ/DPRK Society in the mid 1970s with Maoist students from Victoria University, several of whom went on to join the Workers Communist League.

Taimalie Kiwi Tamasese – Anglican Social Services – Journey to Healing and Wholeness, Cape Town – Apr. 2004 ($2,800)

Alyn Ware – Peace Foundation Preparatory Conference for the 2005 Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, New York – May 2004 ($3,000)

In 2003 Alyn Ware was on the cordinating committee of the Korea Peace Committe with Don Borrie. Ware has a long history of working with Maoist, anarchist and pro-Soviet “peace” organisations.

In 1988 Alyn Ware participated in a Peace Walk from Odessa to Kiev organised by the Soviet Peace Committee. Ware wrote an article about the trip in Waikato University student paper Nexus 10 July 1989; “Tradition, use of the native Ukrainian language, and cultural expression are very alive in the Ukraine partly because of the support and encouragement of the Soviet leaders past and present, including Stalin. . . The Soviet system . . . has been very successful in developing this vast land. . . Poverty does exist in the Ukraine, although it is in no way comparable to the harsh reality of American poverty.

Robert Martin – IHC New Zealand Incorporated United Nations Convention on the Rights of Disabled People and UN Commission for Social Development, New York – June 2004 ($3,500)

Are we starting to see a pattern here?


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3 thoughts on “2004 CID NGO Travel Fund Analysed

  1. Leadbetter’s conference was an embarrassment to the Indonesian Government (or more correctly, the Indonesian military who are a law unto themselves), who were killing, raping, and torturing on a large scale in Aceh at the time.

  2. “In 2004 National MP Katherine Rich exposed the allocation of $26,000 in Community Employment Group (CEG) money to Sara Tamati and her mother Fuarosa Tamati of Christchurch for a hip-hop research tour.”

    And in 2008 one of the top youth issues is tagging which since the 80s has been heavily associated with the hip-hop culture. One of the tenets of their research was to look into social solutions in communities that have had success in the reduction of graffiti.

    New Zealands solution is the one I hear on the talk back radio every day. Kill them. Looks like someone took that literally.

  3. “In 2001 was Maire Leadbeater was questioned by Indonesian police along with some 31 other foreign academics….”

    Thats what happens when you don’t pay the Indonesian police officials their required backhands. Political freedom in Indonesia is bought with rupiah.

    Try it next time you are there for a conference. You will get the first visit by someone claiming to be a Government censor, they will ask you all about your group and the conference, then at some stage a private conversation will take place where they will be willing to overlook your non-muslim status, and non-muslim agenda for something like $10,000 USD.

    You either pay it, as most people do, or you take the risk like this lot obviously did.

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