What is it With Vic and Maoists Anyway?

The more things change…

After electing a long string of Maoist presidents in the 60s,70s 80s, 97/98 and 2006, the the Victoria University Wellington Students Association has done it again.

Joel Cosgrove, a member of the Workers Party of NZ has defeated Labour incumbent Geoff Hayward and ACT Party challenger Lukas Schroeter to secure the 2008 VUWSA presidency.

Cosgrove has been involved with VUWSA for three years. He was Activities Officer in 2006 and since half way through 2007, Education Vice-President.

Must be all those sons and daughters of public servants in Wellington.


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4 thoughts on “What is it With Vic and Maoists Anyway?

  1. Well if you read what Trevor has written, he did mention that Joel defeated Lukas. What more do you want? A statistical break-down of voting patterns? 😉

  2. My brother doesn’t like the fact that you can’t even do a proper Google search. He’s the one referring to me in the third person…

  3. Funny how he got something like double of the votes the ACT crony got… Don’t mention that do you Trevor?

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