Crown Law Lefties

New Law Commissioner, Val Sim, was previously Human Rights Team leader at the Crown Law Office.

The Human Rights Team is concerned with matters relating to the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990, and general human rights issues. This team frequently works with other Crown Law Office teams on such matters as well as providing advice directly to government departments and ministries. It is responsible for representing the government in relation to any challenges brought under the Human Rights Act 1993 in relation to government policy, legislation or conduct.

Particular expertise and strengths within the team include an ability to address complex constitutional issues covering the Bill of Rights and Human Rights.

Like most strategic arms of state, Crown Law has been well colonised by the left.

Check out the profiles of two former Marxists recently connected to the Crown Law Office Human Rights Team, Cheryl Gwyn and Martha Coleman.

It moght give some clue as to the culture of the place.


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2 thoughts on “Crown Law Lefties

  1. Fuck Trev, I thought you were only picking on Cheryl ( why..cos, she’s smarter than you?) I read on and you slag everyone.

    There are some things I wouldn’t trust jokers like you to sort out for our collective well being..well.. as far as I could throw you. Keith.

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