Radicals and Anarchists Targetted by Police

Like most, I’m pretty shocked by today’s arrests.

Some of those arrested have been previously profiled on this blog, while others connected with them are regular commentors.

Tame Iti is known to everybody and will be subject to a seperate profile.

Jamie Beattie Lockett, 46 of Takanini, who faces three charges under the Firearms Act is a friend of Iti’s.

Lockett allegedly provided security to failed Auckland businessman Mark Lyon and is currently seeking private prosecutions against a number of public servants later this week.

Lockett is involved with a Maori sovereignty group that has issued him with a new birth certificate. The warrant lists a raft of military paraphernalia the police are looking for including tactical assault backpacks, combat uniforms, goggles, body armour and a red dot scope.

Another arrested in Auckland has been involved with Radical Youth , a socialist/anarchist organisation.

A Space Inside (also known as Necropolis) in Auckland was targetted by police this morning-it is that city’s anarchist HQ.

One of those arrested in Wellington is a long time anarchist protestor.

The house searched this morning at 128 Abel Smith Street Wellington is a hangout of the Wildcat Anarchist Collective. One occupant of the house, Sam Buchanan, is a leading member of that organisation.

In Christchurch police raided attempted to search the Addington home of Save Happy Valley activists Frances Mountier and Kristin Gillies but were stymied through lack of a warrant.

Mountier is involved with Green MP Sue Bradford’s Marxist based Kotare training school at Wellsford, north of Auckland.

In early October Gillies co-ordinated a “non violent direction action camp” for activists, which by his own admission did include some anarchists.

For those involved, particularly those who have contributed to this blog, I hope all this is not as bad as it looks.


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