"Ecuador Joins Revolutionary Latin America"

According to the Communist Party of Australia’s latest Guardian

With a decisive electoral victory the left-wing candidate in the Ecuadorian elections, Rafael Correa, joins the sweeping changes taking place in Latin America. He joins the trend being blazed by the people of Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Nicaragua, Uruguay and Chile who have all elected or re-elected progressive candidates.

Correa announced that he supports the integration of the countries in the region and opposes the Free Trade Agreement that the US has been attempting to impose on Latin America. He will proceed to re-negotiate oil contracts which have previously favoured the foreign oil companies. Correa says that out of each five barrels of oil exploited in Ecuador, four remain in the hands of the foreign companies.

He has pledged to shut down the US military base at Manta on the Ecuadorian coast. He suggested that “We can negotiate with the US about a base in Manta, if they let us put a military base in Miami. If there is no problem, we’ll accept“.

Correa has pledged five key areas of change: constitutional revolution; ethical revolution; economic and productivity revolution; education and health revolution; and dignity, sovereignty and Latin American integration revolution.

President Correa is to take office officially on January 15, 2007 but has already begun appointing new government ministers, some of whom have already started work.


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