Solid Energy Battles Greens and Marxist Teens

Green Co-leader, Russel Norman’s outrage against state owned mining company Solid Energy’s infiltration of the Save Happy Valley Coalition is understandable given his party’s longstanding support of the protestors.

Green co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons and MP’s Meteria Turei and Nandor Tanczos

Several Green MPs, plus Russel himself have supported the campaign. Some Green socialists from Canterbury, including Christine Dann and Allan Leifting have also supported the protestors.

It’s no surprise that many of the protestors are anarchists or socialists including apparently, long time protest leader and spokesman, Frances Mountier.

The product of a well known Christchurch activist family, Frances Mountier has packed a lot of agitation into her 19 odd years.

Though not known to be Green Party member, Mountier has close links to Green MP Sue Bradford and several other Green party activists involved with the Kotare School situated at Wellsford, north of Auckland.

The Kotare School is openly modelled on the Communist Party USA linked Highlander School in Tennessee, famous for training martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and many other prominent “civil rights” activists.

Kotare’s Green Party trustees include MP Sue Bradford (Deputy Chair), Karen Davis (Treasurer) and Sue Berman. Gordon Jackman another trustee is the partner of Green party activist, Catherine Delahunty, who tutors at the school.

Several Kotare personnel, including Sue Bradford and Quentin Jukes have Workers Communist league backgrounds. The school teaches “social activism” based on the teachings of Brazilian Marxist, Paolo Friere. It has trained many prominent youth activists, including John Darroch from Auckland Radical Youth and Wellington Palestine Group activist Tali Williams.

According to Kotare’s Spring 2006 newsletter

Kotare has a Youth Advisory group of people under 25 who have volunteered to give us feedback on how we are working generally and also specifically with younger people. We are meeting with them on November 11 and 12 to discuss our work. The advisory group members are Tali Williams from Wellington, Frances Mountier from Christchurch, John Darroch from South Auckland and Tui Armstrong from Whangarei. These young people have all participated in Kotare activities since the age of 15 and have active networks and great ideas!

So Frances Mountier has trained at a Green Party linked Marxist training school since the age of 15!

The phrase “brainwashed” comes to mind.

The real story here is that Solid Energy is fighting not just a bunch of irresponsible young protestors. It is also battling the Green Party, including several of its leaders and strategies learnt in Sue Bradford’s Marxist training school.

One can hardly blame them for fighting back with a little bit of espionage.


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14 thoughts on “Solid Energy Battles Greens and Marxist Teens

  1. o you are a conspiracy nut of a joke trev, the reds will get you… hahahaha – the cold war isnt over for you is it? why dont you set up the mc carthy party?

  2. Trevor, just when I was thinking you’re an OK joker, you ask (in the second entry above), why you should have any regard for Rosa Parks !

    Yet you salivate over Rodney of the Dance. Gimme a break !

    What are you on man ?

  3. John Darroch is an eco primitivist, not a socialist. He advocates Year Zero Malthussurian solutions

  4. ” Explain to me why I should be, anon.”

    Well,how about this from Wikipedia:

    “Parks is famous for her refusal on December 1, 1955 to obey bus driver James Blake’s demand that she relinquish her seat to a white man. Her subsequent arrest and trial for this act of civil disobedience triggered the Montgomery Bus Boycott, one of the largest and most successful mass movements against racial segregation in history, and launched Martin Luther King, Jr., one of the organizers of the boycott, to the forefront of the civil rights movement. Her role in American history earned her an iconic status in American culture, and her actions have left an enduring legacy for civil rights movements around the world.”

    You don’t think she should have had to give up her seat to a white man like yourself, do you Trev? Is that what the ACT Party stands for? Segregation?

  5. Oh and Trevor I think you need to tighten or refine your definition of Marxist, applying it to some non-violent probably centre left or maybe social democratic greenies seems a little much.

  6. One of the key problems with the corporate world relationship for the environment stems from the year-by-year basis upon which profits are accounted for and the health of the company judged and the conflicting long-term envionmental consequences of the companies actions.

    Another problem is the way in which neo-liberal economics under some circumstances justifies the infliction of harm on the environment if the cost of punishment for that are less than the costs of not doing that action.

  7. “sound environmental practices” hmmm it is not sound to burn non renewable fuels causing climate change, it is not sound environmental practice to fish species into extinction, it is not sound to build a society based on non renewable fuels, it is not sound to poison our land and water ways with fertiliser. But of course the soundness of these acts depends on timeframe.

    Viewed from the perspective of a CEO chopping down a forest or fishing a species to extinction makes perfect sense. Indeed to not do so might cost the CEO their job. Viewed from the perspective of a farmer concerned about maximising profitibality using obscene amounts of fertiliser, pesticides and herbicides probably does make perfect sense.

    Destroying the land we live on is not in our long term best interest but thats exactly what what our economic system is doing. I’m not a socialist and have written on several occasions about how socialists have no answers to the environmental problems facing us but neither do you.

    Stopping the destruction of the planet is a moral act, laws that allow some to get rich by permanantly degrading the land seem rather stupid. I believe that “sound environmental practice” as you put it overrides “profit maximisation”

  8. The sad thing is Mr Darroch, that socialists seem to think that profit and environmental protection are mutually exclusive.

    Capitalists understand that that sound environmental pratices are essential for profit maximisation.

    When socialists understand that basic principle, mankind will progress exponentially.

  9. And your holier than thou attitude is just a cover for the fact you value profit more than the environment.

  10. Stupid comment anon. i have no problem with protestors-just protestors who use criminal methods.

    Your holier than thou crap is just a cover for your criminal outlook.

  11. Freedom from the government except for protest groups, hmmmm with your love of private property and the government things might get dangerous for those of us that care for the planet more than the greed of governments, companies and individuals.

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