Don’t Do It, "Uranium Johnny"!

Australia’s great Prime Minister, Sir Robert Menzies disgraced himself by allowing the sale of scrap metal to Japan before WW2.

That mistake allowed the Communist Party to tag Menzies “Pig Iron Bob“-a nickname that followed the great man for life.

Now Australia’s other great PM, John Howard, looks set to make a similar mistake.

Don’t do it Johnny!

From Novosti

SYDNEY, September 7 (RIA Novosti) – Australia could supply Russia with uranium worth a $1 billion as part of a bilateral nuclear cooperation agreement signed between the two countries’ leaders Friday.

The deal was signed by Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and Sergei Kiriyenko, head of the Federal Nuclear Power Agency (Rosatom), in the presence of Australian Prime Minister John Howard and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin arrived in Sydney Friday to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum, running 8-9 September.

“This new agreement will allow the supply of Australian uranium for use in Russia’s civil nuclear power industry and provide a framework for broader cooperation on peaceful nuclear-related activities,” Howard said.

Kiriyenko said Russia is ready to process 4,000 tons of Australian uranium a year.

Putin said Russia has “a sufficient” and even “excessive supply of weapons-grade uranium, but plans to build 30 nuclear power stations in the next 15 years and needs Australian uranium to ensure their operation.”

For these purposes, and only for these purposes, we need Australian uranium,” he said.

Australia holds about one-half of the world’s uranium reserves. It is one of the leading producers of uranium in the world exporting around $520 million worth of nuclear fuel last year.


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8 thoughts on “Don’t Do It, "Uranium Johnny"!

  1. Strange how the people who have a go against the right wing fanatics NEVER resort to this weak nonsense – “you bully everyone who disagrees with you…..”

    C’mon Mah, you jst can’t hack it whenh anyone has a go and you wimp out.

    You’re the man troubled by people disagreeing with you. You go weeping to the moderator…..

  2. And yet you have no problem with that uranium heading into the hands of Ahmadinejad or his counterpart Assad Steve? You really do not care that the uranium would end up in the hands of terrorist supporting states? But you have to show what a “man” you have to be by bullying someone who disagrees with you on a blogsphere?

    I don’t want to say anything that bad, because I try to see the good in most people and not want to upset Trev. You are not among those people but I have reframed myself from responding in that manner from now on. So here’s a tip, leave me alone and you need to grow up if it appears you spend all your time here attacking the likes of me or anyone else who disagrees with you.

  3. George W. Howard a Fabian…..? Get off the grass or whatever it is that’s swelling your brain Mahgabe.

    GWH is a seedy old bastard who somehow managed to triumph over a whole bunch of seedy other old bastards whom God gratutitously blessed with giving them birth in the “lucky” country. Racist to a man/woman ! Kia Ora Hone !

    But here we go again, anyone who’s not a bitch, rich man’s son coward, viz. The Chickenhawk, well he’s a bloody commie (“socialist” if we’re being “courtly” and not “up” at the time of writing).

    Please Mahgabe – GROW UP !


  4. “This is what happens under capitalism. Only short term profit is taken into account. If it’s profitable today to sell weapons to people who want to kill us tomorrow – it happens.”

    You think the Australian leaders who are given uranium are Capitalists? They’re more like Fabians to me.

  5. This is what happens under capitalism. Only short term profit is taken into account. If it’s profitable today to sell weapons to people who want to kill us tomorrow – it happens.

  6. Apparently to Bush and his Australian counterparts, there isn’t so much concern over arming the West’s enemies. Wonder why Bush has said nothing about Australian uranium being able to fall into the hands of Iran or Syria or other allied states with Russia?

    But apparently to certain Bush-haters, that’s not enough for them and they won’t be happy until every nation is subverted into a totalitarian socialist state.

  7. That sonorous old BBC ’47 racist “White Australia” Menzies a great man ?

    And that “Babies Overboard” Liar George W. Howard a great man as well ?

    What’ve you been snorting Trev ?

    That guy’s tongue has got so bacteria laden in the last week from licking Chickenarse he’s gonna have to go to St Vincent’s !

    A poison chalice of course. The ‘Hawk’s endorsement is gonna screw him on election day, as if the dick weren’t already screwed Thank God ! Guess the wrinkled old prick’s angling after a Grace and Favour trailer out the back of the Crawford ranch.

    They can both retire and sip moonshine together forever – end up like the two old codgers on the Mainland ad.

    Takin’ the piss out of one another ’til the Grim Reaper turns up.

    Bet lots of Iraqi widows would hope it’s sooner than later.

    How come you always love the mongrels Trev, the mongrels whom history will say were arseholes.

    I won’t say what it must mean but you’ve guessed it already I’m sure. You always were a man to own up sooner or later…..

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