How Does Rodney Do It?

Like most people I was shocked last week when one of the best dancers on “Dancing With the Stars”, David Whikaira-Paul, was voted off and Rodney (who had far from his best night) survived.

This week it was better. Rodney danced a creditable Samba and a good Viennese Waltz.

Technically Angela Bloomfield was superior, but Rodney deserved to win and Angela deserved to go.


Because Rodney was hungry and Angela wasn’t. You could tell that Rodney was giving it absolutely everything. He was smiling, he was concentrating, he was using every last ounce of his ability.

Angela wasn’t.

That’s why Rodney’s still dancing and that’s why he won the leadership of ACT.

Rodney gives it 100%. It’s a lesson for us all. Its better to have average talent and use every bit of it, than it is to have a great talent and squander it.

“Dancing With the Stars” is not just about dancing. It is also about character and personality. That’s Rodney’s big advantage.

Ripping Krystal’s dress off doesn’t hurt either.


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9 thoughts on “How Does Rodney Do It?

  1. The game of free market capitalism: with few exceptions the winners are the ones who start off with the most money.

    Note that Rodney stayed because more money was thrown at voting for him, rather than that Maori boy who was a superior dancer.

  2. Maybe it shouldn’t be about effort or latent ability by themselves; but the end result from using both.

  3. I believe that Rodney also gets large chunk of this support from The Rock and it’s mulleted listeners.


  4. 3,4,3,4

    Keep it up Rodney, watching you floundering around every week an only surviving due to ACT members running up their mobile bills is the highlight of my Sunday.

    I bet it’s doing wonders for your target audience as well as they watch their favourite show ruined.

    Way to go mate!

  5. That is incorrect. While nothing beats the bottom line, gaining a reputation as as a totally committed (though not always immediately successful) business person certainly helps.

    It will help with your customers, creditors, potential financiers, banks etc.

    “The world loves a trier” is a valid concept in business as it is in other areas of life.

  6. This constant debate between participating, trying and winning is annoying. In Toastmasters, which I’m a member of, you will get rewarded just for partcipating, rewarded more for trying and rewarded more for being the best. All 3 are good.

  7. Willy, you’re simply not looking at the whole picture. People can, do and should be rewarded for trying. That’s because trying is a bigger component of lasting success than is talent.

    Rodney is showing all sorts of positive qualities in the contest and people like that.

    Broaden your horizons a bit Willy and don’t be quite so dogmatic.

  8. What a bunch of PC nonsense. You shouldn’t be given rewards for trying hard. You should be given a reward from beating every one else with your superior skill. David had far greater skill than Rodney, so he should of won. The only way Rodney won because there is that idiotic voting system which encourages bleating retards to feel sorry for the worst dancer.

    This PC hatred of being good at something is what is destroying our nation. I thought the ACT Party would agree with me on this one, since they want to reward private enterprise with tax cuts. Maybe ACT wants to join the Labour Party PC socialists who control our schools through the PPTA wanting to give everyone a reward for ‘trying their best’.

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