Capitalism in a Small Country-We Are the Future!

Sir Roger recognised from afar.

From top US website National Review Online

Communism, as Boris Yeltsin famously declared, should have been tried in a small country first. Now a trial run in a small country has started to look like the best hope for capitalism.

Enter New Zealand.

Sir Roger Douglas, a prominent figure in the ACT Party, the party of traditional liberalism, has just proposed a sublimely simple new plan. Any New Zealander who agreed to provide for his own health insurance and retirement would receive his first $30,000 in income tax-free. And every dollar after that would be taxed at the flat rate of just 15 percent.

Michael Steele, book a flight to Wellington

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4 thoughts on “Capitalism in a Small Country-We Are the Future!

  1. A step in the right direction from Roger Douglas. Note that Libertarianz tax policy at the recent election was first $50k of income to be tax free, rest taxed at 25%. Similar to Roger’s suggestion, eh? But Libz would abolish GST as well.

  2. MZL:

    No, it’s just failed rubbish realizing that they’ve been stupid enough to accept Marxist philosophies from the 1800’s and a suffocating overabundance of gov’t programs when they weren’t needed in the first place.

    Grow up! Marxism is for two kinds of people: those who are too lame-brained to provide for themselves, and those who will gladly remove your freedoms in order to promise to provide for the first people, while never actually following through.

  3. isn’t this just the same old failed rubbish from the 80s, coming back from the dead in hope that people will be stupid enouthgh to accept that govt. programs should be undermined when they’re needed most?

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