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In the past I’ve accused Auckland activist and communis….columnist, John Minto of being slightly pink.

Well here’s the proof (if any was needed), in his own words, that comrade Minto is actually a rampant, raving red!

From the

Earlier this year the Ministry of Defence in Britain produced a report looking ahead at future threats to Britain. They talk about the growing divide between rich and poor exacerbated by climate change and the possibility of the resurgence of Marxism. They conclude that one of the main threats that Britain needs to be protected from is in fact majority of the world’s population, the poor – including the majority in Britain itself! (Ponder what that says about democracy)

We are all good at sniping at capitalism – I do so myself frequently – but sniping will change nothing. It helps keep alternative ideas alive but what is needed for change is organisation with an unrestricted view forward.

Part of this is to push marxism and socialism back into the mainstream of public discussion in New Zealand. Marx had a very clear understanding and analysis of the structure of society under capitalism. We have to open up discussion with our fellow New Zealanders about the alternatives to the destructive, unethical and immoral system of capitalism.

Thanks for that, comrade John!


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4 thoughts on “Marxist Minto

  1. Loudon, if you had half the balls minto had you might do something other then sit at your computer hating the working class and moaning about people who try to correct the wrongs in this world

  2. Thanks Another Dave.

    Minto’s real motives are the reverse of what is seen-bit like your tagline


  3. Years ago, during and after the 1981 Springbok tour, John Minto was a hero of mine, because I believed he genuinely supported the democratic and human rights of South Africa’s oppressed and brutalised minority and that he was prepared to stand up and be abused by Muldoon and beaten by the police and bigots for his beliefs.

    Then in 1995 I attended a meeting at St Matthews in the City in Auckland to welcome Nelson Mandela, a man I viewed then and still do now as being as close to a saint as any human being could be.

    John Minto was in the audience too, and he harangued Mandela for allowing private enterprise to stay in the free South Africa and said he was dismayed that socialism or communism (I can’t remember the exact word Minto used) had not replaced a market economy.

    An astonished Mandela said to Minto words to the effect: “Where do you expect our people to find jobs?”

    It was at that unforgettable moment that I realised Minto was driven by bizarre Marxism, not some desire for universal human rights. Quite the opposite to the latter, in fact.

    And then he founded the “Campaign for Quality Public Education,” which sought the opposite, and my eyes were fully opened about my former hero.

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