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The communist Workers Party of New Zealand has been taking a beating lately.

For burning the New Zealand flag as an ANZAC Day protest, four Wellington members of the Workers party have been disciplined by Victoria University.

From Indymedia

Victoria University has disenrolled three students for an anti-war protest around Anzac day, and issued a warning to another student.

Deborah Willis, Dean of the Humanities faculty, has disenrolled Joel Cosgrove and Alastair Reith, claiming a flag burning protest they held was serious misconduct. Ian Anderson who filmed the protest outside the Mount Street bar on campus has also been disenrolled, and Marika Pratley who was present, was issued a warning. The university has also banned all four from the Mount Street bar.

The protest on 6 May was to highlight New Zealand involvement in wars of aggression from the Boer War, the World Wars, Vietnam to Afghanistan.

All four students are members of the Workers Party.

The 20 second flag burning, which took place outside, in the rain, posed no danger to anyone” said Workers Party secretary Daphna Whitmore. “Universities are supposed to be the critical conscience of society. The actions of the University are political harassment and an attack on political freedom of expression on campus” she said.


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14 thoughts on “Go Vic!

  1. " shall repeat for the comprehension-challanged.

    Free speech is not consequence-free speech.


    Cognitive Dissonance 101.

  2. You’re a pretty inconsistent libertarian. Supporting banning of clothing in Whanganui, and now supporting punishment of people who expressed their political opinions. Liberty FAIL

  3. I shall repeat for the comprehension-challanged.

    Free speech is not consequence-free speech.


  4. Is it free speech or not?

    The actions of the university look like they are aimed to crush free speech and scare people off making their views known, as there could be consequences such as being kicked out.

    Doesn’t sound like free speech at all.

  5. Libertarian hypocrisy. They don’t support state entities crushing free speech, but they support private entities crushing free speech. It is hardly individualistic.

  6. That’s right Alistair. No government should have the power to censor speech.

    However private or autonomous institutions should have every right to sanction speech or behaviour that breaks their rules.

    Freedom of speech and action must work both ways.

  7. You’re allowed to say whatever you want, but the authorities are able to ‘sanction’ you however they want too in response. Trevor’s definition of ‘freedom of speech’.

    And for the record, I was neither drunk nor high. That’s such a ridiculous accusation I don’t intend to address it any further.

  8. Trevor, I’d ask that you remove the previous defamatory (and incorrect) comment. I can assure you that none of the WP were under the influence of any drug (including alcohol) when they did it, and that the bit at the bottom about me is completely false too.

    Oh, and as for the jobs bit, all of the WP people have had jobs before, and some are working while they study to finance their lives.

  9. You need to better understand the concept of “freedom of speech” Cameron.

    Vic has freedom of speech too. These guys broke rules and endangerd Vic’s reputation.

    The uni had every right to act as it did.

    Freedom of speech does not mean that other people don’t have a right to sanction you.

  10. I guess this shows how fickle capitalist ‘libertarians’ commitment to free speech and freedom of expression is.

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