Ziuganov For ’08!

From Cuba’s La Prensa Latina

Moscow, Jun 11 Guennadi Ziuganov, leader of the Russian Federation’s Communist Party, announced his intention to take part in the electoral contest for the presidency of Russia for March 2008.

Ziuganoz now becomes the fifth Russian opposition leader who aspires to be elected as President.

He was questioned on the topic Monday during a tour on the north of Russia, and he said that his candidature counts on the support of his comrades but the Communist Party will adopt a final decision during its congress in September.

If his election is effective as presidential candidate, this will be the third time in his career for President, after two postulations in 1996 and 2000.


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3 thoughts on “Ziuganov For ’08!

  1. Weren’t you the same fellow who stated that Chavez wouldn’t subvert Venezuela to be a Soviet-like state? Now you are rooting for the most totalitarian Communist party in the world? And that same totalitarian party happens to be the same one to endorse Chavez and even have its members beg Chavez to speak at the Duma legislature?

    Gee, I don’t want to sound rude, but any rationally minded person can connect the dots to see what sort of real plan Chavez has for Venezuela and the rest of Latin America.

    This certainly vindicates the likes of Anatoliy Golitsyn for his warnings.

  2. Yea, I would vote for him. You think he could take out Kasparov? He couldn’t if he tried. And neither would ever get over Medvedov, Putin’s hand picked successor. But hey, this is all moot because Putin is going to run again, he is going to call it a mandate from the people and he is going to get like 75% of the vote and a thank you note from Lukashenka for kick starting the new Soviet Union/Cold War/bipolar vodka fest. Next stop: Poland!

  3. Hmm, I wonder how long before Chavistas can justify Chavez’s reign and promotion of totalitarianism knowing that his master Fidel Castro, Communist Cuban dictator is praising one of the most totalitarian Communist parties in the world?

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