"Martyrs Mosque"

A former U.S. diplomat, who spent much of his career in the Muslim world, including tours in Iraq and Pakistan, raises an interesting point about the proposed “Ground Zero Mosque”.

While buildings are given formal names, they are also often referred to informally by another name. For example, the John Hancock Center in Chicago is more popularly known as “Big John.” The World Trade Center was more frequently referred to as the “Twin Towers.”

This raises a question for New Yorkers to ponder. How long will it be before those visiting the Mosque and Islamic Cultural Center both locally as well as those from abroad will come to refer to the center by some simpler and probably more descriptive name?

Keeping in mind the two different views of those who flew into the Twin Towers on 9/11, from our side ‘terrorists’ and from many in the Islamic world who celebrated the event by referring to them as ‘martyrs,’ it is logical that some such name as “Martyrs Mosque,” or “Martyrs Center” could easily become the popular Islamic reference, and a constant source of annoyance to New Yorkers.

Such a substitution would quickly spread in the Muslim world and it is not inconceivable that Muslims visiting New York would make the “Martyrs Center” of “Martyrs Mosque” a must on their travel itinerary. It could easily become a place for them to pray and honor the sacrifice the ‘martyrs’ made on behalf of Islam on that fateful September day. Building the Mosque at its suggested location may only be the beginning of problems it will bring to New York City, and not in a good way.

Will the proposed center, if built, become a permanent source of aggravation to Americans?

Will it become an icon and rallying point to America’s radical Islamic enemies world wide?

Is that the real intent of this ill-advised project?


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12 thoughts on “"Martyrs Mosque"

  1. NLW,

    You can dance around the issue all you want and tout your middle eastern knowledge; however any rational thinking person who looks into it will come to the same inevitable conclusion: the religion and politics of Islam is one and the same, ‘Moderate Islam’ only occurs when it is secondary to other cultures, Islam is at war with anything and anyone non-Muslim, and finally they have historically built mosques at the sites of their victories.

  2. It's no wonder people leave anonymous comments…

    The Hiroshima Love of God Christ Church has been “serving the will of the Lord for over 20 years…” which means it was built long, long after World War II.

    And where is it located? See for yourself: Hiroshima Ground Zero Has A CHURCH!

    A 2-second Google search would have helped you sound a little more credible. My eyes are open. And I have no hate, not even for the unabashedly ignorant.

  3. NLW are you kidding me in re to ground zero? how ignorant. With ww2 I highly doubt the Japanese' ground zero is one specific crater over another. and besides even Americans had the common decency to NOT build a Cristian church on the crater's rim. Open your eyes and cloud your hate.

  4. Haha. I love when people try to convince the world of some "fact" by citing one sentence from an entire book. Your twelve out of 80,000 words from a 1,400-year-old text don't erase four years of undergraduate studies in Abrahamic religions. Nice attempted demonstration of intelligence, though.

    Landing gear: Yes, indeed. And the residents in Greenwich Village smelled smoke on 9/11, so that is also "Ground Zero area." The point is that Ground Zero is a crater, and there is no mosque being built in the crater, which is why the Associated Press issued this directive to its reporters – because "Ground Zero mosque" is factually incorrect.

    And what, exactly, do you hope to prove about America's religious tolerance by citing cases of extreme violence from the Middle East?

    Lisa, I highly recommend you read this: The Intolerance of Jonah Goldberg
    . You'll love it. I promise.

  5. Lame attempt at misdirection NLW with your strange link.

    A huge piece of LANDING GEAR hit the building which is the proposed Ground Zero Mosque, Victory Mosque or whatever you want to call it. That AREA is "ground zero".

    Facts block your arguments – too bad you don't understand them. Here are more FACTS for you:

    Latest Offerings from the Religion of Peace
    "He who fights that Islam should be superior fights in Allah's cause"
    Muhammad, prophet of Islam

    2010.08.31 (Hebron, Israel) – A pregnant woman is among four young Jews gunned down in cold blood by Hamas terrorists.
    2010.08.31 (Badakhshan, Afghanistan) – Three Oxmam humanitarian workers are taken out in a brutal roadside blast.
    2010.08.31 (Kabul, Afghanistan) – Three supreme court employees are riddled with bullets by Holy Warriors.
    2010.08.30 (Jalalabad, Afghanistan) – The Taliban assassinate a local official with a bomb.
    2010.08.30 (Baghdad, Iraq) – Jihadi car bombers kill a civilian.
    2010.08.30 (Mogadishu, Somalia) – Four guards at the presidential palace are killed during an al-Shabaab mortar attack.

    read more FACTS about Islamists who KILL in the name of their faux 'religion' here: http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/

  6. sorry, James, thanks for playing… you are only partially correct.

    "Freedom" in America does not mean "do anything you want".

    Example: can't hurt or kill other people – even in the 'name' of one's religion. Law supercedes religious beliefs. Get it?

    Americans live in a Republic based on laws which they agree to abide by.

    P.S. "islam" is not a religion anyway, go read more about it. Try listening to former muslims who speak out – they would know wouldn't they?

    Read what Wafa Sultan says: "At great risk to her life and her family, Sultan travels around the country trying to explain to Americans that Islam is not a religion but rather a political ideology that is using religion as a front. She also explains why there is no ‘radical’ Islam, only Islam."


  7. James–From your spelling I assume you're not from the US. Do you know there are already over 100 mosques in NYC? How many churches are there in Saudi Arabia? Don't call US bigots!

    Do you know that Faisal Abdul Rauf has called for Islamic dawa and sharia law, usurping the US Constitution?

    Why do they call it the Cordoba Initiative? Could it be because from the top floor of their mosque they can enjoy the view of Ground Zero?

    There are hundreds of other sites where they could build. Anyone with any sense of decency would not even propose a mosque at Ground Zero.

  8. I'm opposed to the mosque and it has absolutely nothing to do with racism (islam isn't a race), bigotry or ignorance.

    And, they are indeed free to build it there James or haven't you noticed that people are simply begging them not to? there is no government entity denying the right.

    Your statement was ignorant in that it presumes to label the motives of those of us in opposition.

  9. Im afraid Americas enemys appear to be those opposed to this centre on racist,bigoted and ignorant grounds…

    What happened to freedom America..?

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