John Stormer Interviewed

Canadian Blogger “Perilous Times” interviews John Stormer at Once Upon a Time in the West.

Here are some excerpts;

PT: Do you believe that KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn was essentially correct in his warning, published in New Lies for Old (1984) and The Perestroika Deception (1995), that the Communist Party of the Soviet Union planned to deceive the West by temporarily abandoning its public monopoly of power and dismantling the Soviet Union?

JS: Golitsyn was essentially correct in his 1984 and 1995 charges concerning the plans to deceptively “dismantle” the old Soviet Union. In 1987-89 I wrote extensively in newsletter and None Dare Call It Treason—25 Years Later spelling out five reasons they would proceed to do so. This was based on Golitsyn’s first book, some intelligence info which circulated in foreign intelligence circles to which I had access and my own analysis of Gorbachev’s speeches, etc. I saw five goals for the deception. (1) Get desperately needed western aid for their failed economic system—it has worked! (2) entice the world to disarm—it’s worked! (3) calm some of the building pressures for real change in Russia [and] (4) they are masters of deceit. Good magicians wave a hand in the air to get attention while the other does the dirty work. Since communism “died” look at what has happened in South and Central America, Africa, Southeast Asia and China.

PT: Backgrounder: Oleg Shenin, August 1991 coup plotter and leader of the restored CPSU, will be running in Russia’s 2008 presidential election. Shenin and his colleague Gennady Zyuganov, leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (which constitutes the Russian section of the new CPSU) vow to restore the Soviet Union.

Question: Do you believe that the Soviet communists will be able to openly reassert themselves by the ballot box during Russia’s 2007-2008 political season, or is a coup d’etat against the (crypto-communist) United Russia party, which currently dominates the Russian political scene, possible?

JS: I tend to doubt that communists will be able to openly have a major impact on the coming elections. It may be that real communists know that they make more progress through Putin’s United Russia Party. In spite of all he is doing, he is basically popular—the economic progress they are enjoying will keep the people in line—and he and his associates are making more progress than could ever be accomplished were an open, old-fashioned communist regime to take power.

PT: Do you believe that the Bush Administration is adequately addressing the threat of Latin America’s new Red Axis (Cuba-Venezuela-Bolivia-Brazil-Ecuador-Nicaragua), including the emerging communist dictatorship of Hugo Chavez, with respect to US national security or is too much attention focused on the Middle East?

JS: I question whether we are giving enough attention to the Red advances in Latin America (and everywhere else). In my stuff in the late 1980s (including 25 YEARS LATER) I indicated that as we know, communists are masters of deceit. A good magician keeps one hand in the air while the other does the dirty work. That started in the 80s and continue today as people look somewhat at what happens in Russia, China, etc. (which are very real threats) and the Middle East and ignore what is happening in Africa, Central and South America, and Southeast Asia.

About five years ago (or so) Ziang Zemin, who was then the top guy in China, went to Russia and spoke to the Duma. The most important thing in his message was his statement that Marxists have tended to look at the world as bi-polar—divided between the Marxists and the Capitalists. He said that they must realize the world has now become multi-polar—with the various Islamic forces making up the third force. Zemin speculated that because the Muslims see the U.S. as the great Satan it opens opportunities for the advancement of Marxism. Actually, the involvement goes further back than that. A SSIS study in the early 80s spotlighted KGB activity in the Middle East training terrorists.

PT: Backgrounder: Sergei Stepashin, former Russian prime minister and President Vladimir Putin’s personal envoy, attended the inauguration of Daniel Ortega as President of Nicaragua on January 10, 2007. An agreement was signed at that time in which Russia would upgrade Nicaragua’s armed forces, which are almost entirely of Soviet vintage. Ortega indicated that he viewed the presence of Russia in Central America in a favorable light.

Question: Should Americans be concerned about the re-election of communist revolutionary Daniel Ortega to the presidency of Nicaragua after 16 years in “opposition”?

JS: We should be very concerned about the reelection of Ortega in Nicaragua. His election, in effect, establishes another openly communist state in the western hemisphere. The matter is being ignored as is what has happened in Venezuela, Brazil, Africa, etc.

PT: Are there any significant developments to relate with respect to the political and subversive activities of the Communist Party USA?

JS: Again the CPUSA and their statements and actions are largely the “hand in the air.” It distracts attention from the fact that the hardcore leftists in control of the Democratic Party and the universities are carrying out most of their long-range efforts. Following the close of the CPUSA’s annual executive meeting in March [], Sam Webb, the National Chairman said that as skeptical as he was when the Democrats took control of Congress, he applauded their actions on the Iraq War and other union issues, etc.

PT: Do you believe that Russia and China are still preparing for war against the USA and its (few remaining) allies? If so, as individual citizens, what practical steps can we take to prepare and protect our families and communities in the event of another (probably nuclear) world war?

JS: Are Russia and China preparing for war against the US? Yes, although they may at the same time be counting on us becoming so decadent from within that we will fall into their hands like an overripe fruit as was their spelled out plan long ago. Further, Russia is now becoming powerful economically. They are the world’s biggest producer of oil and gas. China is amassing enough dollar reserves that should they dump them at some point (or switch to the EURO) it could create economic disaster in the US and the world.

New Zeal The only disagreement I would have here with John Stormer’s analysis concerns his apparent trivialisation of the role of the CPUSA.

I believe that the CPUSA serves as a transmission belt from the world “movement” to the Democratic Party, via the AFL-CIO, , Progressive Democrats of America, the US Peace Council, United for Peace and Justice Coalition etc.


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16 thoughts on “John Stormer Interviewed

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  2. I’m sorry, this computer is playing with me, but I will add this – Russians are poised to murder people not only because they hate the time lost and enrgy spent to subvert in secret all the free societies, but mostly because they have to remain in secret, they have to employ all kinds of tricks and deception, long-term planning and strategy, and on top of this, they are hateful towards all people who have the guts to opose them and fight them.

    Russian mentality [communist] is not to be compared to anything in the world, except that of the devil himself – they will hit hard, murder millions in nuclear war and enslave the rest.

    This is so evil that it is hard to comprehend – but it is the truth.

    Prepare or be swept by communist hatred. Your choice.

    In Christ and Mary


  3. Remember this what I now say – Russian still communist government are nothing but bunch of evil criminals who have planned for long years to disarm the West, to murder as much as 1 half of world’s population and enslave in brutal gulags the rest.

    These are enemies of all freedom and of God.

    They have to be fought with all we got, not on terms to save our lives but to defend God’s honor which these commie bastards want to eradicate in full.

    I have done what I could but it seems not enough.

    The meetings with FBI, even one person from CIA, no results at all.

    The government is full of compromised corrupt fools and also many communists who yet don’t know the real comrades from Moscow and Beijing….these American people who serve the cause will be the first to go – Russians will stand them up against the wall asnd get rid of them ASAP.

    I’ve seen enough evil while still in Czechoslovakia to know what I’m talking about.

    Our Lady of Fatima said Russia is the tool of God’s chastisement of this wicked world, then comes the final judgment.

    This is it, no more time, no more forgivness from God because this world has so far rejected all heavenly help…including the one from God’s own Mother !

    May you be prepared and also turn to the true Faith, Catholic tradition, or you will learn the hard way.

    In Christo et Mariam

    Honza Malina

    P.S. I can easily name traitors inside the U.S. gov. – for example C. Rice….and of course many others….

  4. Fergus-I support Golitsyn’s theories for three major reasons.

    Firstly-he predicted several major world events (fall of the berlin Wall, fall of the CPSU etc) in writing, several years before they actually happened.

    Secondly his theories are still playing out as we speak, 23 years after he published his classic book “New Lies for Old”.

    Thirdly, my own interviews of former NZ communists at least partially back up Golitsyn’s ideas.

    Having said, I hope for all our sakes that you’re right and I’m wrong.

  5. Here’s something else fergus, how about looking up some other Soviet defectors such as Stanislav Lunev who also echoed similar concerns about Golitsyn’s warnings? Lunev appears to be in a witness protectiong program, since he was once a high-ranking officer in the Soviet GRU section.

    So why did this man Lunev went into hiding if you believe all of Golitsyn’s warnings in his books (which you have never read as admitted) are somehow lies?

    If let’s say Golitsyn was a high-ranking member of a major mafia circle which has an expanded criminal empire, and that criminal empire suddenly disappeared in a matter of few days or so, and Golitsyn came to warn the authorities that this was a fraud, would you as a law enforcement would want to deny such a thing?

    That perhaps Golitsyn’s old mafia bosses might be up to something quite big in the near future? That it couldn’t just have some of Golitsyn’s old comrades be reformed so quickly and sometimes literally overnight without years of rehabilitation for their crimes?

    Seriously, if this entire episode were about major mafia bosses plotting to have their criminal empire “just vanish” to fool the authorities, why wouldn’t law enforcement be interested in an operative like Golitsyn?

  6. Please fergus, before you go call Anatoliy Golitsyn a “nutter”, why not read some of the books he authored? Those who keep on calling Golitsyn a “nutter” have never read any of his work. Why this sort of dishonesty in attacking anyone who believes his warnings to be “crazies” even though Putin got uptset about Estonia removing the Soviet statue memorial. Wait, isn’t Estonia suppose to be independent?

    “That dishonest beahviour Mah is called humour. Honestly its the internet how can you take yourself so seriously.”

    And I can see it’s quite fine that folks like you continue to attack the messenger with this sort of behavior. You attack me so dishonestly in this manner, that while you go about and dishonestly attack anyone who believes the Golitsynian concept, do you believe there is a right-wing conspiracy theory out to destroy the left? Do you fergus?

    If the answer is certainly yes, well, the one who is dishonest ought to be looking in the mirror. Have you read any books by Soviet defector Viktor Suvorov? Author of Spetsnaz detailing a scenario of how WWIII would start where the White House would be destroyed? How about some of the defectors warning the West like Golitsyn did at Anti-Communist Analyst by Jan Malina who was a loyal Soviet at one point in his life but left the Communist ideology?

    Keep on being a dishonest denier fergus. It’s certainly one thing to deny Golitsyn’s warnings and bury your head in the sand and it’s quite another to believe of how there is a “vast right-wing conspiracy” and some add Zionists to the “conspiracy”, that’s quite another. That is pure dishonesty.

    You can’t deny Golitsyn’s warnings, but then believe of a “vast right-wing conspiracy”. It’s one or the other.

  7. I haven’t read anything by Golitsyn but I have heard of him and some of his more amusing theories, ie that Harold Wilson was a Soviet agent and that the socialist European Union will abandon the US to its fate at the hands of the resurrected CCCP, lets just say I find them incredible if not fantastical. Never mind Stormer’s accusations that Eisenhower was a Commmunist.

    Let’s face it the Soviet Security Services produced a lot of nutters, one of them is currently President of Russia, one of them is Anatoily Golitsyn.

    If I spent all my time reading conspiratorial literature, lets face it I wouldn’t have the time or perhaps the sanity to post here.

    Putin’s Russia is totalitarian, possibly statist (economically) and has an aggressive foreign policy but its not the zombie of the CCCP. The worrying thing is how much this whole thing begins to sound like that Simpson’s episode where the USSR suddenly springs back into existence and Lenin starts chasing tourists round red square.

    I think you guys are drawing together disparate threads and ignoring certain qualities to reach this grand conclusion.

    That dishonest beahviour Mah is called humour. Honestly its the internet how can you take yourself so seriously.

    This was longer but my first iteration got lost in reload hell.

  8. Sorry Fergus, but I’ve always found OUATITW very reliable and perceptive.

    I’m not into the evolution/creationism debate but I agree with this blog’s basic line of reasoning.

    Long may it prosper!

  9. “Sounds like Mah loves it, no idea what he has against the loud-mouthed doziness that is Rosie O’Donnell but it obviously keeps him from sleeping at night (haha, see what I did there).”

    So typical of this sort of dishonest behavior. Do you care about the Soviet operative-Anatoliy Golitsyn who warned of how Communists would fake their own fall? Why does it seem like Vladimir Putin often gets upset whenever the U.S. was intruding on his territory? Wait, isn’t the Czech Republic and Poland suppose to be independent? Why does Putin protest so much?

    I bet you never even read any books by Golitsyn or other books such as Hole in the Flag by Andrei Condrescu. Probably not.

  10. Oh Jesus, have you even looked at the source this is coming from ? Whoever writes Once Upon A Time in the West seems to be conspiracy obsessed if not mad. Look for example at the obscenely long sidebar which includes such gems as labelling Pope Benedict twice under “The Communists Speak” for talking about the replacement of spiritualism with materialism and maybe talking about fair trade.

    Then there’s the Red World Order which amusingly seems to include NATO, The EU, UN and the Council of Europe.

    Then there’s, right down the bottom, and this takes a long time to get to, th assertion that evolution is the root of communism and materialism, ignoring the fact that it’s also the foundation other philosophies such as secular humanism too. Then it points to the Answers In Genesis Site, which is one of the most annoying deceptive creationist and anti-science sites on the net.

    Lets face it, this looks like a hilarious but not a trustworthy source. Also perhaps one thats never heard the word ‘realpolitik’ as well possibly.

    Sounds like Mah loves it, no idea what he has against the loud-mouthed doziness that is Rosie O’Donnell but it obviously keeps him from sleeping at night (haha, see what I did there).

  11. Thanks for that PT. Pass on my regardsto Mr Stormer next time you’re in contact please.

  12. I never said controlled Cameron-I said infiltrated-much like the SUP infiltrated NZ Labour in the ’80s.

    Democrats have a far more warlike record than Republicans-at least until the Bush era.

    The Republicans have always been a bit more constrained by their America First or “isolationist” wing.

  13. If the CPUSA did really control the Democrats, why did the Clinton Administration bomb more countries than the current Bush one has?

    I thought the CPUSA was anti-US imperialism? Or is it just a ploy to keep people like me confused. Someday soon the Democoms will show their true colours!

  14. So the radical left controls the Democratic Party and wants to tell people how to live their lives, and the religious right controls the Republican Party and wants to tell people how to live their lives.


  15. Not to mention, as also detailed on my blog, the CPUSA has openly defended Putin’s proxy-Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, while promoting Soviet-style propaganda into stating how the U.S. is a “right-wing orientated dictatorship”.

    Meanwhile that same “right-wing orientated dictatorship” allows the mainstreamization of “Tokyo” Rosie O’Donnell to continue her anti-American Jihad, this time from the likes of NBC, where it’s connectted to Council on Foreign Relations corporate member-General Electric.

    Perilous, I was also wondering if you could also look into the relationship between neo-Nazis and radical Marxists, namely black Marxists such as those in the Black Panthers. They formed an alliance with the likes of Faux Rightist neo-Nazi leaders such as George Lincoln Rockwell and the Nation of Islam proudly embraced Rockwell as they invited him to speak.

  16. Hi, Trevor. I don’t think Stormer would disagree with you re. CPUSA. The CPUSA is dangerous precisely because it has infiltrated the US Democratic Party.

    Perilous Times

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