Beijing Tyrants Threaten Taiwan-Again

Are these people Orwellian speaking totalitarians or what!

From The People’s Daily Online

The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council on Wednesday said 2007 is a crucial period for opposing “Taiwan independence” and safeguarding peace across the Taiwan Strait.

Spokesman Yang Yi said at a press conference that cross-Strait relations would face severe challenges this year, as Taiwan authorities tried to seek “de jure independence” through the so-called “constitutional reform” which might enter into a “substantive” stage.

He said that resolutely curbing the “Taiwan independence” secessionist activities and safeguarding peace across the Taiwan Strait were still the most important and urgent tasks for compatriots across the Taiwan Strait.

“We will make the utmost efforts to seek peaceful reunification with maximum sincerity. We cannot tolerate ‘Taiwan independence’ and will not allow Taiwan to secede from China by any means,” Yang said.

New Zeal Secede? Secede? How can an independent country secede?


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3 thoughts on “Beijing Tyrants Threaten Taiwan-Again

  1. Not that Orwellian – both governments, officially at least, claim to be the legitimate government of all China. If it is Orwellian, then it’s been that way for nearly sixty years, and the KMT in Taipei were the ones who started it. I can’t help but think that if they had simply given up their claim then, the international community would have recognised Mao’s government straight off and China would probably not give a rats arse about the independence issue today.

  2. One way to deal with the arrogance of the ChiComs is to attempt negotiations with them on Taiwan, not with the expectation of reaching an agreement but simply to force them to really really put their foot in it. This shouldn’t be hard to do. The adverse publicity just before the Olympics could soil their image nicely.

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