John Stormer

John Stormer is a hero of mine. One of the planet’s most dedicated anti-communists-Stormer has never shied away from exposing the most important (and least “polite to mention”) weapon in the Marxist-Leninist arsenal-infiltration.

According to Wikipedia

In the 1950s, John Stormer became disillusioned with the political candidates and philosophies that he was asked to support. In 1962, he left his career as editor and general manager of a leading electrical magazine to begin an intensive study of communism. With what he learned, he wrote the book None Dare Call It Treason which sold millions of copies. The book argues that the United States is losing the Cold War because it has been heavily infiltrated by Communist subversives.

In his book, None Dare Call It Treason…25 Years Later, he writes of the cultural manipulation going on in American Society and warns of the designs of the Fabian Society and their agenda of democratic socialism. Writing in 1989 he argues that Perestroika and Glasnost were merely Soviet propaganda tools.

Stormer is smart enough to know, that Marxism-Leninism, like organised crime, does its best work in the dark.

John Stormer has been “scattering the cockroaches” for 60 years now.

We owe him a big debt of thanks


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  1. Thanks for this comment, I am beginning to feel like no one takes this stuff seriously but it's nice to meet another fan of Mr. Stormer.

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