I’m Not %^*#&# Happy!

I was doing deliveries in my van in central Christchurch this morning and let my attention lapse for a second.

Smash-I rear-ended a a brand new Camry at the Gloucester/Colombo lights.

The driver ran out and pounded on my window. He could just reach-he was a dwarf-no more than 4 feet tall.

I wound down my window.

I’m not %^*#&# happy” he screamed at me.

I replied “well which one are you then?” .


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16 thoughts on “I’m Not %^*#&# Happy!

  1. Dont knock Dwarfs. Without them Snow White would just be another mindless bimbo trying her luck on the casting couch.

  2. Anon….pull the forest out of your own arse before suggesting that others remove trees from theirs…

  3. Don’t you think your time would be better spent trying to revive the dying ACT Party, Trev, than mocking little people?

  4. Looking forward to the incest, pedophile asthmatic and bipolar disorder jokes Trev. What a sour lot these leftists are. They wouldn’t even crack a grin at a good leper joke. Wankers. Anyway, whats red and crawls across the carpet?
    A baby chewing razor blades. Ha ha.
    Did you hear the one about the epileptic who went into the Star Mart and ordered a wholewheat pastrami sandwhich?
    Neither did I.

  5. Hey, that’s Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf!

    Salient quote:
    “From the waist down, you’re mine!”
    (I’m Gonna Git You Sucka!)

  6. the biggest joke of all would be the ACT party.
    When i remember the punchline I’ll let ya know.


  7. I was hoping someone would say something idiotic like that anon.

    Of course it mocks dwarves. Thats what jokes do-they mock.

    I swop Jewish jokes all the time with my Israeli friend Amit.

    There are very few ethnic groups, personality types, physical afflictions etc that I don’t joke about.

    Except lefties. Socialists aren’t usually funny.

  8. essentialy it mocks people afflicked with dwarfism. A cheap shot. How about some Jewish jokes?

  9. I read another version of this joke somewhere else recently. Where did you steal it from, Trev?

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