"Pyongyang Declaration" Still Attracting Support

1992 was a rough year for international communism. The Soviet Union and the East European socialist bloc was no more, Cuba was near bankruptcy and China was seemingly going capitalist.

To cheer up the comrades, the North Korean’s decided to rally what was left of world Marxism-Leninism behind a declaration affirming their commitment to a socialist world.

According to Wikipedia

The Pyongyang Declaration was originally signed by communist, workers, socialist and progressive parties, on the occasion of the 80th birthday of Kim Il-Sung in April 1992. It is entitled ‘Let Us Defend and Advance the Cause of Socialism’.

Originally the document was signed by 70 party’s-many of them miniscule sects such as Jatiyo Samjatantrik Dal, Bangladesh, the League of Communists of Poland “Proletariat” and the February 18th Movement of Trinidad and Tobago.

However most were mainstream communist parties, including those of Cyprus, India, Jordan, Sri Lanka Belgium, Britain, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Argentina, Venezuela, South Africa, the USA, Brazil, Chile and Mexico.

Also included were the supposedly non-communist Arab Socialist Baath Party, South West Africa Peoples Organisation, Italian Movement for Peace and Socialism, the Caribbean National Movement and the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola

I don’t know if our own Socialist party of Aotearoa ever signed, but it did report the event very favourably in its magazine, SPA News.

Now 15 years later, parties are still lending their name to a Declaration which has grown to well over 245 signatories.

The latest party to sign is from the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzia.

From North Korea’s Korea News

Pyongyang, April 12 The Marx-Lenin Reunification Communist Party of the Kyrgyz People signed the Pyongyang Declaration “Let’s Defend and Advance the Socialist Cause” on March 30.

The enlarged meeting of the party central committee attended by Chairman A. Uspbayev and core members of the party underscored the justice of the historic Pyongyang Declaration and extended full support to the Workers’ Party of Korea and the Korean people in their drive for socialist construction and the country’s reunification.

Expressing support and approval of the Pyongyang Declaration, the meeting called on all the political parties of the world to boost solidarity, international unity and cooperation in the struggle to defend socialism on the principles of independence and equality.

The meeting adopted a decision calling on the party to sign the Pyongyang Declaration.


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  1. What the hell is wrong with people who embrace the likes of Kim Il-Sung or his son-Kim Jong-Il? How about all of those concentration camps where people starve to death while Kim Jong-Il and his Stalinist cronies build a nuke program?

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