7 thoughts on “The "Weathermen"

  1. Since these terrorists cared so much for blacks, did they married blacks or had black kids or adopted blacks? How about asians? they are a bunch of hyprocrats who only care to maximize their utilities(very capitalist if you ask me) and they set the price for their product. There is no Marxism in what they did!

  2. Are you kidding? Marx was just as much a vile freeloading monster as these people are. Marxism and the whole mentality of the Marxist is inherently degenerate and evil.

  3. These were the kids who were beaten up on America's playgrounds. Children of privilege whose very lifestyle was owed to the capitalists mothers and fathers who took advantage of the system and gave them everything, only to have them grow up to bite the hand that was feeding them. This documentary shows what vile little people these leftists really are.

  4. William ayers' father was the head of Illinois' Commonwealth Edison Electric Company .. he got off on a "technicallity." Money talks, bs walks, or as he'd say, "free as a bird, guilty as hell, ain't America great." And our prez associates with him and michelle worked with his wife, bernadine, who'd not any better than billy boy. argh, we had no media exposing this before the election. they decided to avoid the FACTS.

  5. William Ayres retired from his teaching job last week. Wonder what his calling is now…..maybe gonna be obama's right hand man?
    I still think they have all positioned themselves in stratgic places to further their causes.
    We haven't seen the last from these Socialist pigs!

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