Coakley Concedes!!! Sad One Dems-A Great Day for the West

With over 75% of the vote counted, Democrat Martha Coakley has reportedly conceded the Massachusetts Senate race to Republican Scott Brown.

At around 53 to 47% vote split, pundits are calling it a landslide.

This means that Obama loses his filibuster proof majority in the Senate, giving the Republicans the chance to slow Obama’s socialist agenda to a near standstill-maybe even kill Obamacare.

This vote is a credit to Scott Brown, the Tea Party movement and the thousands of American patriots who poured time and money into the campaign.

Congratulations and a heartfelt thanks from New Zealand.

The whole Western world benefits from this great victory.

Massachusetts was the strongest Democrat state in the nation! This was Ted Kennedy’s seat for God’s sake!

Scott Brown’s supporters have reportedly been chanting “Kerry’s next! Kerry’s next!”

Roll on the Mid Terms!


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2 thoughts on “Coakley Concedes!!! Sad One Dems-A Great Day for the West

  1. Yessss…. savor the victory of the first of many to come in 2010

    Should be an interesting year! 🙂

    wahoo, Senator Hottie McAwesome goes to Washington!

    wup wup wup!

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