8 thoughts on “Pacific Empire on India’s Maoists

  1. Yeah right on Mah !

    They tell me the Opononi Sea Scouts are patrolling the harbour mouth. That will help in the heroic struggle against those Naxals !

    Hail to the Thief and His Helpers !

  2. Hey Naxal Watch, thanks for reprinting my article. Indeed it is important to know who in the West supports these dangerous movements. The role of NGOs and “civil society” in supporting the Naxalites is important, and it wouldn’t happen if the struggle against the Maoists was prosecuted effectively.

  3. Thanks Naxal Watch. Like you I see strong links between the Maoists and the Marxists.

    I will watch your blog with interest.

  4. Phil ,
    We have posted this article at NAXAL WATCH http://naxalwatch.blogspot.com

    Your analysis is excellent . These Maoists are different from those who fought 4 decades back in India . Those who initially raised Mao flag were for Land ( Agricultural Land distribution) . These Neo-Maos , Neo-Naxals want prime land in cities and also lands of industrial houses http://www.hindu.com/2004/10/18/stories/2004101814220400.htm ( in 2004 when Government of Andhra pradesh invited them for talks they submitted a list see http://www.hindu.com/2004/10/18/stories/2004101814220400.htm) .

    Monitor Their weblog which received hits from all over world — http://naxalrevolution.blogspot.com .

    One of the pathetic thing that western media do not report is NGO’s and celebrity Journialists like ARUNDATHY ROY’s role in supporting the movement .

    BEWARE OF INDIAN LEFTISTS IN WEST . In india they criticise goernment and support radical jihadis . They apply for scholarships in US education and do not declare that they are Communists , after comming to US they join hands with Palestinians and Islamic organizations and condemn Western Governments .

    Trevor Loudon is doing an excellent job is tagging and tracking Individuals . We need to keep profiles of all leftista and their role .

  5. Hows about India call upon other foreign powers to aid in crushing the Naxalite terrorists? I mean, U.S. troops have been alegedly working alongside Columbian soldiers against FARC. Why not help the Indians out against the Naxalites?

  6. Cheers Trevor. I’m relieved to see that even one other person outside India realises the magnitude of the threat from leftist extremists!

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