Is Far Left Behind the Anti-Smacking Campaign?

What evidence do I have the the far left is involved in the anti smacking campaign?

Here’s an unsigned piece from the pro-Soviet, Socialist Unity Party’s “Tribune” of 16.7.90 p5.

Tuesday, July 8th was a great day for NZ. On that day the physical abuse of children in NZ schools was made illegal…

People who believed that respect could be hammered into the hide of a child found out how much things had changed in the 60s and 70s with the mass defection of young adults from society’s punitive and self righteous values.

These people make up the hundreds of thousands of NZers who choose more peaceful and reasonable methods of rearing their own children, who opposed ties with the apartheid regime and who insisted on a nuclear free domestic and international policy and a healthy environment.

At last our official treatment of children has caught up with the values of the 80% of the people.

What took us so long?

Now perhaps we can start working to make hitting children in the home illegal.

It is clear that the SUP saw the abolition of corporal punishment in schools as part of a wider movement for social change.

It is also clear that they grossly and deliberately exaggerated public support for their values. Nothing’s changed there, has it?

It is also clear that the far left had the banning of smacking in their sights at least 17 years ago.

I have made the point before-if you want to find the origins of Labour Party/Green Party policy today-read the communist press of 5 to 20 years ago.

That is where it comes from.


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3 thoughts on “Is Far Left Behind the Anti-Smacking Campaign?

  1. It’s the same thing with “HIV/AIDS awareness” too. There are also some allegations that this “HIV/AIDS” virus may not be that harmful as one might have thought in the past. Since many people with “HIV/AIDS” may either be on drugs or may just need the proper nutrition to cure the virus such as in Africa as an example.

    But the governments in the region are Marxist/Socialist orientated dictatorships who care very little about the people’s needs.

    There are also allegations that smoking may not be a major factor in causing cancer, but it may have to do with your nervous system. If one is quite nervous, your immune system may override itself, or may exhaust itself to a certain point of no return.

  2. I have thought of the “public health” movement to have a Marxist and socialistic orientation. I mean, if you are certainly going to control what you smoke or what you eat, you are bond to increase the size of the government are you not?

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