Do Socialists Live in the Real World?

From Korean News

Pyongyang, March 12 — Russian poet Alexandr Konstantinovich Lavtev made public poem “Kim Jong Il, August Name of the Sun” in praise of Kim Jong Il.

In the poem he told that Kim Jong Il indicated the way of the people to follow in the new century, steering the Songun revolution of Mt. Paektu and making long journey between Pyongyang and Moscow for friendship.

An independent, new world, desired by all people, will appear as brilliant features of Kim Jong Il’s century and remain forever under the rays of the great sun followed by them, the poet said.

The poem also stressed that the august name of Kim Jong Il represents glory and happiness of humankind and hope and future of the world and it would shine forever.


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44 thoughts on “Do Socialists Live in the Real World?

  1. “IDF 10 – Palestinians 1”

    Please not this unrealitic statistics. How about come up with a real oppressive conflict such as Chinese Muslims being oppressed by the Chinese government and sending Han Chinese to settle in their provinces and tear up their lifestyle?

    Why are you not defending Chinese Muslims if you care about oppressed people? Only if it happens to be Jewish Israelis who were survivors of the holocaust?

  2. “…..if my country was under attack I wouldn’t be too squeamish on how I defended her.” Your words Trev. Could just as easily be a Palestinian talking there, or an Iraqi “insurgent”, you agree ? Or is that Palestinian and that Iraqi to be specially the subject of your morality filter ?”

    So we should talk to a group such as Hezbollah whose leader have often stated “Death to America, Death to America”, “America is the Enemy of All Muslims”, “Death to Israel”, “I support suicide bombers” or to the terrorists in Iraq who are using chlorine as a chemical weapon against the Iraqi people?

    Is that morality that we should speak to people like that?

  3. It’s a grey world when it comes to international relations Steve.

    Basically i judge countries by the standards that I aspire to-constitutional government, rule of law, free economy.

    Countries that come close to that ideal I support-those hostile to those ideals I oppose.

    You seem to assume I always support Bush and the USA-sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t

    I supported the Afghanistan incursion, because they were harbouring Al Qaeda-I never supported the Iraqi adventure-though I wish the US well in its attempt to bring the war to a close.

    Basically i believe in the Jeffersonian doctrine of avoiding “foreign entanglements”

    When war is unavoidable however, I tend to support the side that most closely approximates my values and has most “right” on its side.

  4. So the right to defend stems from the actuality – let’s not trouble ourselves with notions of morality and respect for humanity, so to speak ?

    OK. But you do realise don’t you that your formula renders palpably non-legitimate your interminable denunciations of “the other side”, offered up even before they go to “defence”. Damn, all Venezuela had to do was to democratically elect a president !

    Or do you maintain one rule for them and another rule for us ? While you continue to rail sonorously against “them” that is what you do in fact, if only unwittingly.

    There is the palpable flaw in your entire world view Trev. That flaw has underpinned my beef with you guys from day one. And furthermore, occasioned my talk of tin soldiers etc.

    Forgive me Trevor (and Mah): “…..if my country was under attack I wouldn’t be too squeamish on how I defended her.” Your words Trev. Could just as easily be a Palestinian talking there, or an Iraqi “insurgent”, you agree ? Or is that Palestinian and that Iraqi to be specially the subject of your morality filter ?

    Come to think of it I haven’t seen too many Palestinians piloting US gifted Starfighters laden with cluster bombs over Tel Aviv or Haifa lately. Weaponry which keeps on killing and maiming for years to come, as we all know.

    Guess it’s the old story yet again: IDF 10 – Palestinians 1. But that’s kosher, in the name of actuality, otherwise defined as prescriptive inhumanity. But hang on – don’t you roundly, vehemently, reject that rationalisation as to others, China for example.

    Notice how I don’t even mention pre-emptive measures. Or T.. C………k ?

  5. MAH actually lives overseas Steve, so I doubt he saw it.

    There are no angels in war Steve. Its a bit like Hiroshima-very hard to justify nuking civilians

    Same with the British bombing of Dresden.

    All I can say is that if my country was under attack-I wouldn’t be too squeamish on how I defended her.

    I actually think Israel shows remarkable restraint most of the time-you don’t see a hell of a lot of skull-capped suicide bombers in Palestinian territory.

    Israel was forged in blood and I am certainly not blind to the injustices done to the Palestinian populations displaced by the new state.

    However, Israel is a reality now and she has every right to defend herself.

  6. Hey Mah, just to change the subject slightly – did you watch Close Up tonight ? About the NZ Army/Navy team in Lebanon.

    These gutsy Kiwis, clearing – guess what – cluster bombs – dropped by IDF.

    Damn ! Didn’t you or Trev deliver me a slight rebuke for my unwitting vexatiousness about them thar cluster bombs my mate ?

    And get this: there was a heavy, heavy cluster bombing campaign in the last 3 days of the conflict – when talks, successful 3 days later, were seriously underway ! Cool !

    Let’s imagine ourselves down at the ground Mah. We’re simple shepherd boys. We’re innocent.
    We die, or lose a leg.

    Four million dropped, only three million exploded. The odds ain’t good for us shepherd boys, are they Mah ?

    Question: Why did Israel intensify, adding to the potential for carnage – at the very end ? We know that we’re gonna get more shepherd boys by doing that. We know it statistically !

    And I grant you every outrage committed against Israel. But still, I ask the question.

  7. Please, I sincerly doubt being called a “Little Holocaust Nazi Fascist !” is going to get me to look at the other side if it’s going to be this way. I’m sorry, but that’s the way I see things.

  8. Wow! go off to celebrate St Pats day and look what happens.
    I had a good time. listened to some great music and got pissed.Though I’m not sure which order it was in.

    But on a lighter note. Mah as soon as you bring out the “I’m a persecuted Jew” routine your argument goes out the window. There is injustice everywhere. Being Jewish does’nt give you the monopoly. Nor does being Jewish give anybody the right to insult and persecute those who hold an alternative opinion. I suggest you leave those tactics to the forces you so vehemently rail against.


  9. Steve-I have no sacred cows-you can attack Israel, capitalism, me, or anything you like-just try not to make it too childish and personal.

    MAH-takes two to tango-nobody has to bite every time their world view is attacked.

    Cheers guys

  10. Okay treve, I can understand that I should summer down. I’m a rational fellow, but when irrational types come, well, you can certainly guess.

  11. Trevor, it would be wrong, indeed anti-libertarian, were you to be stampeded by sacred-cowism.

    You are bigger than that !

  12. MAH and Steve-both please moderate your abuse. Any more personal attacks as above will be deleted.

  13. Mah, on your headstone they gonna inscribe “Hmmm, Just Typical…..”. And everyone gonna laugh……True Man ! I kid you not. Cos you so human being unfriendly !

    Well, can’t say you ain’t earned the reputation actually mate. You’re a mean mother ! I mean, you’re the mongrel who gets off on IDF: 10, Palestinians: 1.

    Anyway Mah, how dare you resume your old Holocaust Nazi shit with lamenting the lot of Jewish people in history and then conferring with your tin soldiers on the Bremworth and coming up with draconian crap for the rest of the world.

    Just cos you’re Jewish ! Sorry possibly to offend you and cause an onslaught of bullshit anti-semitism accusations: being Jewish ain’t no excuse for nuthin’. Piss Off with your palpable double standards, thicko !

    Enough of these sensibilities which say you can wish death on the world courtesy of The Chickenhawk and then weep about things just cos you’re Jewish.

    That’s why I call you, and you prove time and again, that you’re a Holocaust Nazi !. That is to say, a Jewish person rightly conscious in his soul of the Nazi horror, but thinking, acting, and expressing nevertheless like a bloody Nazi to the rest of the world. Like, “entitled”, to be like that, because of the Jewsih experience. Get Off ! Little Holocaust Nazi Fascist !

    Kia Ora !

  14. Please Dirk,

    You make a grave insult to anyone who has ever lived under a dictatorship by stating those American “ex-patriots” who happen to be in New Zealand or whatever other nation they are leaving to, to be true-blue ex-patriots is an insult.

    I’m Jewish and the Jews for an example have a history for living under brutal dictators who have massacred their own people and drove them out of their homes. Non-Jewish people also have hardships living under dictatorships such as under Mao in China, Kim Jong-Il in North Korea, I’ll even add Pinochet or the Shah (later Khomeni) to the picture.

    It’s a grave insult and a mockery to those people who have lived under actual dictatorships and have known the experience of such. You are nothing more than a naive fool who would rather support a true-blue dictator, but laud Bush to be a dictator.

    Just typical of someone like you to believe in such insanity.

  15. “Better my life than the ugly world mah lives in.”

    Please Dirk, don’t lecture me on what an “ex-patriot” is. I know what a true-blue ex-patriot is. What you describe to be an “ex-patriot” makes a mockery of true-blue ex-patriots.

    You live in a child’s fantasy.

  16. Better my life than the ugly world mah lives in.
    Looking under all those beds must be hell on mah’s back.

    Well, I’m off to wash and wax the Lada.
    Regards from Dirk.

  17. Please Dirk,

    Shut it. You don’t have the gall to suggest how America is a “fascist police state”. You are apologizing China’s criminal acts against its own people on the U.S. You have a mental illness and that mental illness is anti-Americanism.

    Get a life.

  18. Mad Mah drapes his fanaticism with a peculiarly religious fervour – nutting on about “woe”, “evil as good”, “darkness as light”, “bitter as sweet”…..

    How “Chickenhawk” is that ? And from what crazy website did he lift it ? Not the Nazi, white supremacist, Oz based one Exotit frequents I hope. So, why on earth should the sane, intelligent people like me and Dirk above rescile from mention of the eminently proveable fact that the man (?) is a chickenhawk, a fetid coward, a disaster for the US, and accordingly, the rest of the world.

    Embarrassing to you lot I know given that he’s your default. That however is no reason not to address the realities.

  19. There are none so blind as those who will not see.
    Good luck on your crusade to save the world mah. I Cant stop, I’m off to support the totalarian chinese economy and go shop at the Warehouse.

    regards from Dirk.

  20. I think this message certainly fortells what kind of a person Dirk and others are when they do not distinquish between the U.S. or China or embrace totalitarian governments of North Korea, Zimbabwe and others who act in the manner:

    Woe to those who say of the evil that it is good and of the good that it is evil; who present darkness as light and light as darkness, who present bitter as sweet and sweet as bitter.

  21. Please Dirk,

    Where is America’s “Great Internet Firewall”? I thought you said America “was like” China? Simply, simply ignorant and intellectually bankrupted.

  22. “Perhaps in some ways, America and China are one and the same.”

    Uh, I don’t think so. What sort of Constitution does China have? Mao’s Little Red Book? You are simply clueless, ignorant and intellectually bankrupted if you certainly believe that type of BS.

    “There are no simple solutions to the problems of the world today. By maintaining the USA is the good guy and those who dont agree with its totaltarian behaviour are the bad guy, only compound the problems.”

    Yea, I bet Chavez certainly doesn’t do that when he paints Bush to be like the National Socialist dictator-Adolf Hitler or perhaps the Ecuadorean President planning on to disband the legislature and its Constitutional Tribunal.

    Please, I’m downright tired with your sort of propaganda. It’s quite typical of your kind to suggest how America is like China. What sort all of this certainly exposes is your narrow-mindedness. America isn’t like China. It has a system of checks and balances. China has one totalitarian party-Communist Party of China. America doesn’t, you have choices in America. In China and other similar governments, the government is the only one that decides to make the choice.

    Gee, how is it that America is “somehow” like the totalitarian Communist Chinese government?

  23. Mah. You are like a reporter,who wanting a story, interviews their typewriter.
    The reality is you have nothing to offer other than your own bigoted rhetoric.
    There are no simple solutions to the problems of the world today. By maintaining the USA is the good guy and those who dont agree with its totaltarian behaviour are the bad guy, only compound the problems.
    i find it interesting to note that for the last couple of years China has been the largest purchaser of american teasury bonds, which in turn allows Bush to fund his folly in Iraq and elsewhere.
    The Chinese economy is booming and multi-national American companies are clambering over each other to get a foot in its door. With, I might add the blessing of the American government. Why is that? Maybe because cheap chinese labour and materials add up to bigger profits. Its called globalisation and the world economy is the fuel for its engine. That real people get crushed along the way is the price of doing business today. Its not nice, but thats the way it is.
    Perhaps in some ways, America and China are one and the same.

    Regards from Dirk

  24. Hmm, I wonder why a dictator who has murdered roughly 60 million people and built the foundation which has roughly added over 200 million innocent souls gone from the Earth would probably agree with America “being part of the problem”?

  25. “Mah, America isnt the answer. Its part of the problem.”

    And yet people like you would want to see it destroyed, right? Taking the analogy of America being equaled as the “Great Satan”. Or perhaps you would like to take a quote from the left-wing monster Mao Zedong:

    “If the U.S. monopoly capitalist groups persist in pushing their policies of aggression and war, the day is bound to come when they will be hanged by the people of the whole world. The same fate awaits the accomplices of the United States.”

    You folks just love simply siding with totalitarian movements don’t you?

  26. Mah29001 sits at his keyboard poised to defend the free world against the communist scourge.

    Mah, America isnt the answer. Its part of the problem.

    Regards from Dirk.

  27. “And while the third world is flocking to America, the Americans are abandoning their country for far off shores.”

    Typical sort of pro-Communist rhetoric. Bush a dictator? Yea right. This exposes more intellectual bankruptcy.

  28. I had better get myself an identity before i get confused with the other anonymous and continue to be misquoted. In future just call me “Dirk”.
    Wow! How to solve the worlds problems in 3 easy lessons. Remove communism and the sundry dictators along with the unenlightened and peace and harmony will prevail.(hop, skip, clap our hands)
    To be honest the only reason I havent rushed off to North Korea is they dont have a Holiday Inn worth a damm.

    While many of the peasant majority in the old soviet union would love to see a return to the old communist system its not likely to happen any time soon. Russia has adopoted organised crime as its mainstay for an economic future and is vying with america for control of the market suppling the rest of us with drugs,weapons of death,prostitution,porn and like the Yanks the Russians are trying to control the third world.The Russian mafia is alive and well, send no flowers just cash.
    And while the third world is flocking to America, the Americans are abandoning their country for far off shores. Take a look around in good old new Zealand at the increasing numbers comming here. Why is that?

  29. Unbeliavable Exocet. “Steve” is the very example of the far left being very pro-Soviet. Even at times we are perceived the USSR to be “dead”. Why do they certainly love to do the dishonesty dance, then go ahead and support dictatorial states like Cuba, North Korea, Zimbabwe and others? But then lecture how Bush is a “dictator”, America is evil.

    What sort of narrow-mind could allow such intellectual bankruptcy to occur? Only the mind of a cultist I would have to say.

  30. “steve”,

    Really. GITMO doesn’t compare to anything what Kim Jong-Il is certainly doing to his own people. By your pathetic rhetoric, you are siding with someone like the terrorist KSM who has recently confessed to the 9/11 attacks, murder of Daniel Pearl and other attempted attacks. Such as the assassination of President Bush and other world leaders.

    If you believe that GITMO is a “center of torture”, but shed no condemnation against the mass starvation going on in North Korea. Well, what can I say? The “C” would (i.e. Communist) would certainly apply right here.

  31. It’s just as well your name is at the top of your ‘posts’ Steve, that way I can scroll through your incoherent ramblings.

    That you would defend slave states like Cuba and North Korea speaks volumes about you and your morality. Elvis help us all if ever you ever got your fingers on the levers of power.

    And give the ‘Chickenhawk’ theme a rest, it’s tired,outdated and really really childish.


  32. What alot of crap you talk Mah ! My best advice again I’m afraid; Grow Up !

    Your postulation that all MUST be sweet with The Chickenhawk because Americans don’t flee to Cuba and North Korea is the most clanging non sequitur I’ve heard in a long time.

    Similarly your converse postulation that Cubans, Venezuelans et al fleeing to the US is definitive of The Chickenhawk as a joy to the world.

    Do you not appreciate anything about human nature Mah ? People gravitate towards, and sometimes take extraordinary steps to achieve, relative comfort and security. That is a very obvious human dynamic, stupid.

    It is however a matter absolutely unrelated to thoroughly legitimate questions about the fitness of The Chickenhawk to lead the most powerful nation in the world. You missed it of course in your frenetic zealotry but I think that’s the essence of the contribution of Anonymous above. Not all of us live in your extraordinary “What about then…..” mindset Mah.

    And for the record, in case one of your tin soldiers suggests that I have felicity for Mad Mugabe, I just wish that God would hurry up and do his work and take that vile old bastard off the face of the earth !

    There is this to be said however; we can’t see what goes on in Gunatanumo……were we able to I daresay you would burst forth with your callow, flawed, “what about…..” rationalisations. Which really mean this; “I’ll swallow any murderous dictator as long as he’s white and not a commie !” Your already proclaimed “IDF: 10 Palestinians: 1” formula is such a rationalisation.

    That’s you unfortunately – no perspective – no real understanding – damn near no humanity seemingly – just like your tin soldiers !

    Kia Ora, Egg !

  33. Anonymous,

    If you think the top ten (or to be more bluntly the 20 twenty) on the economic ladder “suck”. Why are you not leaving for Cuba or North Korea?

    “I offer George Bush as an example of the western kind.”

    This is the typical pro-Communist rhetoric coming from types like anonymous. If Bush is so tyrannical, why are Americans not fleeing to Cuba or North Korea? Hmm? Why are Cubans, Venezuelans, Zimbabweans and others are fleeing to the U.S.? And what’s more, I see you certainly love to see Mugabe in his recent crackdown on his opposition. Never mind the leader of the opposition was brutally beaten just like all of Castro’s opposition along with Chavez’s.

  34. mah29001 if you took the time to control your shakes you would have read what i actually wrote.I never said Cuba was “great” as you claim. I said i had a “fabulous time” and was treated with “great respect by its citizens”
    I was on holiday and Had no interest in getting involved in their politics other than as an impartial observer. Whatever was happening in Cuba while I was there, continued long after I had left. But I left a good many yankee dollars in my wake which I’m sure would have been put to good use on the black market.
    What I was engaged in is called tourism .
    The world is full of despots, get used to it.
    I offer George Bush as an example of the western kind.

  35. “Yes i would and i do. my favourite one is of Castro. But to be honest I dont know if its promoting him or the very large cigar in his mouth. After being told about the evils of the castro regime i decided to go to Cuba and see for myself. had a fabulous time and was treated with great respect by its citizens. I got tee-shirts for all my friends. The Stalin shirt was from my trip across the old soviet union. i think its(the shirt) a collectors piece.
    Been there done that got the tee-shirt.”

    Wonder why can you explain to me if Cuba is so “great” under Fidel Castro. Why is it right next to North Korea on the economic ladder while North Korea is in the tank? Promoting socialist hellholes are you?

  36. Anonymous, I believe Johnny Rotten once sang about people like you… it went something like:

    “A cheep holiday in other peoples misery! / I dont want a holiday in the sun / I wanna go to the new Belsen / I wanna see some history / Cause now I got a reasonable economy!”

  37. Yes i would and i do. my favourite one is of Castro. But to be honest I dont know if its promoting him or the very large cigar in his mouth. After being told about the evils of the castro regime i decided to go to Cuba and see for myself. had a fabulous time and was treated with great respect by its citizens. I got tee-shirts for all my friends. The Stalin shirt was from my trip across the old soviet union. i think its(the shirt) a collectors piece.
    Been there done that got the tee-shirt.

  38. And all of the animals on the farm were shocked to see the pigs parading around the yard on two feet. Napoleon had even taken to wearing Mr Jones’s clothes.

  39. Idolizing the personality cult of Kim Jong-Il? Typical. Would you wear a t-shirt of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin or Mao perhaps?

  40. What sort of “brilliant features” does Kim Jong-Il have to provide? Starving his own people to death while he builds a nuke program?

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