Cuba Moves on Solomon Islands

Fiji has suffered major turmoil recently and is now on the radar of Russia and China.

East Timor is enduring near permanent unrest and is now allegedly full of Chinese, Cubans and North Koreans.

The Solomon Islands has also undergone major strife in recent times and is now about to accept a Cuban presence in the territory.

Is there a pattern here?

Why is the Pacific no longer pacific?

From La Prensa Latina

and the Solomon Islands reinforced bilateral cooperation Tuesday through several accords, including the sending of a Cuban medical brigade and 50 scholarships to Cuban medical schools.

The agreements were signed by Foreign Ministers Patteson Oti (Solomon) and Cuban Felipe Perez Roque and demonstrate the willingness of both governments to lay the foundations for further develop multilateral ties.

At the ceremony Oti, who met with other Cuban officials as well, said his country wished to take particular advantage of Cuba’s experience in health care and mining.

Perez Roque thanked that country for its support at international forums, particularly its vote against the US blockade, and remarked both nations are small island countries confronting common dangers.

Rather than markets and economic or political gains, Cuba is led by solidarity and sisterhood not even geographic distance can extinguish, the Cuban minister noted.

The visit, that concludes today, included a tour of the Jose Marti Memorial and the Latin American School of Medicine, host of 28,000 youth from 30 countries.


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