Green Party File 10 Green MP to Address Marxist Conference

Green Party File 9 here

New Green Party MP Catherine Delahunty is a hard core marxist.

A red nappy baby, Delahunty was raised in a Wellington Communist Party family. In 1968 she helped set up the communist controlled Secondary School Students Association.

In recent years Delahunty has been the main tutor at fellow Green MP Sue Bradford’s marxist training school at Wellsford-the Kotare Research and Educational Trust.

Now Delahunty is set to address an openly Marxist conference organised by the neo-Trotskyists of Socialist Worker.

From Socialist Worker’s UnityBlog

Speakers from the Alliance Party, Green Party, RAM-Residents Action Movement, Socialist Worker and Workers Party have been confirmed for Marxism Alive, an upcoming educational forums hosted by Socialist Worker-New Zealand. (See list of speakers and topics below.)

Marxism Alive will run from 10am-5pm on Saturday 27 June, @ Socialist Centre, 86 Princes Street, Onehunga, Auckland.

The current global economic crisis will loom large in our discussions. The left has to put forward an ideological, political and organisational challenge to the corporate market if we’re to avoid the crisis being dumped on grassroots people.

Here are the discussion topics and confirmed speakers (we are waiting further confirmations):

Session 1:
The great implosion: Economic crisis & its impact on NZ
Speaker: Vaughan Gunson (Socialist Worker)

Session 2:
Is National the new natural party of government? Will Labour return to social democracy?
Panel of speakers: Sarita Divis (Alliance Party), Daphna Whitmore (Workers Party), Grant Brookes (Socialist Worker).

Session 3:
Transitioning to a human centred economy in Aotearoa
Panel of speakers: Catherine Delahunty (Green Party), Elliot Blade (RAM-Residents Action Movement, David Colyer (Socialist Worker).

Session 4:
An International for the 21st century: building a global broad left movement
Speaker: Bronwen Beechey (Socialist Worker)

When will the Greens come clean? Most of their MPs are marxists as are many of their Party hierarchy.

Why don’t they have guts to admit that environmentalism is simply a cover for their revolutinary agenda?

Green Party file 11 here


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4 thoughts on “Green Party File 10 Green MP to Address Marxist Conference

  1. One of the issue is the means in which some libertarians are willing to allow or agree with, in order to bring about the end result, which is quite disturbing. Take the privatisation reformist dictator Pinochet for example and just how many people died due to his methods. How many libertarians wrongfully supported him and justified the bloodshed in their own minds as necessary to bring in the reforms.

    But in your case, your anti-communism over-rides the usual level of turning a blind eye to the Pinochet type incidents to accept almost any methods no matter how terrible, of ridding the world of your pet hate, from as menial as slandering anyone with pro-communist agendas to the brutal pre-emptive military strikes where necessary to prevent communist agendas taking hold. This breaks one of the fundamental laws of libertarianism that of non-aggression except in self-defence and is where your level of anti-communism departs from Libertarianism.

    To add to that is your carte blanc devouring of anything that came from the Bush administration no matter how biassed and unauthorative it was. The U.S. government was and is still aiding dictatorships in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan, and many other countries, which will one day come back to bite them again and again and what is more amazing is that you a proclaimed Libertarian supported that Bush administration even though history has shown that such support of the US Government for these leaders and groups leads to attrocities beyond belief.

    Take the US Governments aiding and financing of the Afghanistan Mujahadeen, the eventual result, Russia lost the war and Afghanistan ended up with the Taliban and the rest of the world got to meet Al Qaeda for the first time, thanks in part to US funding and training from the CIA on how to run a successful covert network of bombers and assassins. Their anti-communist fervour resulted in these residual spin-offs for which the world has to deal with now.

    But you do not support the latest US Government administration not because they have changed their anti-libertarian ways, no, only because there is a secret smurf Marxist in the hot seat carrying on these same anti-Libertarian activities, supporting oppressive dictatorships and expanding Governmental powers imposing on personal liberties, on that level nothing has changed, but your support for the US administration has, and it is at this point that it becomes clear that your claims to Libertarianism is disingenuous and it seems from the outside that it is a mere cover for your personal anti-communist fervour which seems to trump any libertarian ideals at every turn.

  2. A bit like some politicos that I know that use libertarianism as a cover for their anti-communist agendas.

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