Shenin’s Socialists Seek to Restore Soviet Union

Oleg Shenin is the leader of one of the most active splinters of the old Communist Party of the Soviet Union. He was a leader of the 1991 coup against President Gorbachev and spent two years in jail for his trouble.

Shenin is touted as a likely leader of a united Communist Party ticket to oppose President Putin in the 2008 Russian elections.

Below is the translation of a recent statement issued by Shenin’s Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, to mark the 89th anniversary of the October Revolution. Note his support for North Korea, Cuba, China and the revolutionary regimes of Venezuela and Bolivia.

THE DECLARATION of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union on the 89th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, which is in good health. Great October was a worldwide historical event, which marked the beginning of release of humanity from the yoke of capital! Workers of the fraternal peoples of the Soviet country, persistently fight for the reunification into the united union, for the revival of the great socialist state in complete agreement with the results of the national referendum of 17 March, 1991!

THE DECLARATION of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union on the 89th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution: Let us restore the dictatorship of the proletariat in the form of the Soviet regime, planned system of managing national economy, political and social equality of working people, and the supremacy of socialist ideology! Authority of labor, above the power of capital!

To the toilers of city and village, workers and peasants, the representatives of the intelligentsia, the employees of primary structures, youths and girls, the Labour Veterans and armed forces:

– join our numbers, widen the protest front, mobilize for dealing for the resignation of the authority of plutocracy, form and strengthen the lower structures of self-guidance parallel authority

– rudiments of future people councils!

– dare to take the management of all matters of production and society into your hands, form in all organizations and your places of residence national guards, and committees of self-defence and self-guidance!

– you will support the intention O S Shenin to advance his candidacy to the post of President of the Russian Federation in 2008!

Fraternal greetings to those peoples that follow the path of socialist development: DPRK-People’s Democratic Republic of Korea, Cuba, PRC-Chinese People’s Republic, Vietnam, Laos, and also to the peoples of Venezuela and Bolivia, who are conducting revolutionary social and economic conversions! The international solidarity of the workers is in good health, as is their fight against the Zionist-Fascist regimes, bourgeois globalization, and neocolonialism. For honor, freedom, national independence, peace, and socialism! Workers of the world, unite!

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  2. Recently you did a post on Camejo, he got beaten in the Californian election but Sanders, a socialist, has been elected to the American Senate. Can you do a post on him?

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