My Boy the Fun Policeman

My little skirmish with my kid’s creche workers continues.

I went to to pick the kids up today and chatted to one of the attendants while waiting for the heirs to get their gear.

She said “J has been a very good boy today

That sounded good and I pricked up my ears.

Yes” she said, “he’s been very helpful with the younger ones…keeping them SAFE”

“He’s been stopping them when they climb too high or run too fast so they don’t hurt themselves

I smiled, but inside I was not happy. I thought “bloody great, my three year boy is being turned into a f…ing fun policeman. God what do they want him to turn into, a bloody traffic warden or IRD inspector or something“. I shuddered.

We drove straight home. I wanted to take “J” out into the yard to fire off a few rounds from the BB gun, but I’d left it at work. We had a play fight instead.

Must phone that creche area manager tomorrow.


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