6 thoughts on “Ayn Rand – Liberty vs Socialism

  1. Her comments made me immediately think of Obamacare, which is being forced on every American citizen whether we want it or not. This is the epitome of government "compulsion". When will the people wake up?

  2. Wonderful to watch this from Ayn Rand's long ago interview….it reminds me of those words, The biggest lie in the world is "I'm from the government and i am here to help you." Saving the future of our beloved United States and possibly the world rests with the results of the November 2nd elections. We must turn vote conservative and if we win, hold them accountable.

    thanks for your blog…..I recommend it to so many.

  3. It is all so simple. Rand was opposed to state coercion and, therefore, opposed to a goverment, any government which would give preferences to one person or another or to any group or another. Which is to say, no one should be advantaged or disadvantaged by state action.
    The corruption starts with power–state power. Therefore, state power should be limited, strictly limited to a virtually irreducible minimum. Or, as Jefferson put it,
    "That government is best which giverns least."

    So saith the sage of the prairie.

  4. Thank you, Trevor! Amazing to see Mike Wallace doing the interview after just having watched his son, Chris, interview Glenn Beck about his Restoring Honor rally. Also amazing was to see Mike Wallace SMOKING on the air! We've come a long way . . . .

    Thanks again for all you do!! Listening to Sarah Palin as I post this!

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