Recommended Holiday Reading

If you’re looking for some holiday reading, buy the latest Investigate Magazine.

Check out the article by your’s truly.

“America’s First Red President?-Barack Obama’s Radical Roots”.


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6 thoughts on “Recommended Holiday Reading

  1. “No Christian-including Ian Wishart has ever criticised me for working with atheists.”

    They wont criticise you because they know/think you are worshipping a false god with your scientology claptrap. They will only criticise you if they think you are a fully converted Christian.

    Other than that, hes a fundamentalist christian, and you are a fundamentalist mccarthiest, I can see why Wishart would be attracted to your ideas and stories.

  2. “All this anti-Obama stuff on a Kiwi site, is tiresome.”

    Free thinkers? People like you make Atheists sound bad. Makes one wonder why people like you complain about self-described Christian fundelmentalists, while not allowing other people to have different thoughts.

  3. If having a distaste for Ian Wishart & righteous Christians wanting to tell me what I can & can’t do, all goes to making me a bigot, then it’s a badge I’ll wear with pride.

    By the way next time you are speaking to Ian, point out to him his publishing company HATM Magazines is missing a vowel in the name.

    All this anti-Obama stuff on a Kiwi site, is tiresome. Give it a rest Trev!

    Take your wife out for a romantic meal, the family to a park', go for walk on the Port Hills, get drunk with a bunch of mates (including even some atheists)

    Got to shoot.


  4. Paul-you’d be a bit of a bigot wouldn’t you?

    No Christian-including Ian Wishart has ever criticised me for working with atheists, but plenty of atheists have criticised me for working with Christians.

    I find Christians to be almost without exception, kind and tolerant people.

    Atheists-sadly, not so much.

  5. It does not really surprise me for such a story to be in the investigate magazine. He is as Canterbury Atheists asserts quite the paranoid conspiracy theorist. You will constantly find him acting like the cold war is still going on. He finds what he calls the never ending threat of communism everywhere.

  6. For those of you that don’t know anything about Investigate Magazine, its run by a paranoid fundamentalist Christian and his cohorts, who believe that The Bible is Gods literal truth and is without error, 7 day Genesis, creation over evolution , bats are birds, unicorns existed, the earth rests on pillars etc. Trevor, like Kiwi’s are going to run out and waste money on that sort of conspiracy theory clap-trap published in a pseudo Christian rag dressed-up as journalism, when we can grab a porn mag, or a month’s subscription to Best Bets for the same cost. As I’ve said to you before, largely no one in this country gives a monkeys about Obama, U.S politics, and history will be the judge on his leadership. Not you.May you and yours have a great Northern Winter Solstice break. Paul.

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