Women’s Communist Front Confers in Caracas

Sixteen years after the fall of the Soviet Union, the main Soviet fronts, the World Peace Coucil, World Federation of Trade Unions, World Federation of Democratic Youth and the Women’s International Democratic Federation are not just still active, but growing.

From Cuba’s La Prensa Latina

Caracas, Apr 9 The 14th Congress of the Women’s International Democratic Federation (WIDF) started in this capital on Monday, attended by 1,500 delegates from 84 countries, the organization s president Marcia Campos stated.

The presence of women from Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon, territories of military aggressions, confers the event a strong anti-terrorist content, Campos said in a news conference.

She also highlighted the presence to the first WIDF congress in American soil of women from 25 countries of Europe, a continent with a terrible situation in feminine employment, and spoke out for the need to eliminate imperialism so that women can work as such and not like they were men.

The official expressed the movement s intention of fighting salary equality and for women who do not want to work only doing housework.

Among the sector s aspirations she talked of the possibility of having public laundry and restaurants, to improve working woman s quality of life.

Campos stated that Venezuela is developing a strong political process that among their social achievements is the elimination of illiteracy.


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2 thoughts on “Women’s Communist Front Confers in Caracas

  1. I should also mention there was a Women for Peace rally hosted by the Syrian government. You can find it via Google or via my blog if you would like to expose why these people support some of the most dictatorial regimes in the world, then attack us as “fascists” whenever they get the chance.

    Now why on Earth hasn’t the Syrian government allowed anti-government demonstrations but allows a rally that brings “peace in our time”? This is just typical quite similar to Cuba hosting this conference, but I bet ya Cuba doesn’t allow any conferences on calling Fidel Castro a war criminal against the Cuban people.

  2. There’s a report from Chile that Chavez wants to take Venezuela to the road of Cuba and likely even worse, the road of Zimbabwe.

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