That Didn't Last Long Did It?

Socialist Aotearoa comrade has tossed in his hunger strike in support of Sri Lanka’s Tamil rebels after only six days.

Six bloody days? Pathetic. Hardly the “Bobby Sands” scenario I was hoping for. Too much rumbling in your wee tummy was there Stuey?

Surely if you could stomach the Tamil Tiger’s suicide bombings, mass murders, press gangings and terrorism, you could handle more than six days without your Milo and Weetbix?

From Indymedia

Auckland university student Stu Colquhoun today finished his hunger strike in support of Tamils being attacked by the Sri Lankan military. The hunger strike which went for six days was to draw attention to the huge loss of civilian life in the recent conflict between the Sri Lankan Military and the LTTE. Stu and the Tamil Supporters group which was recently formed at Auckland University are calling for open access for aid agencys to the conflict zone and immediate action by the New Zealand government to support those harmed in recent fighting.

TV Three interviewed Stu this afternoon and around 30 people turned out to show their support for the Tamil people. As well as students Green MP Keith Locke and Unionist John Minto were present and spoke of the silence of the New Zealand government in the face of huge civilian causalities.

Inevitably Green MP Keith Locke was there-proving once again he never met a terrorist supporter he didn’t like.

Shame on you Keithie.


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11 thoughts on “That Didn't Last Long Did It?

  1. Keep up the good work, NewZeal! You have the best info on that fraud, Obama. You’re a beacon for liberty!

  2. “Tamils do support the LTTE.”

    Some do, some don’t. Those that do may have many reservations.

    Sorry world not simple.


    Sam Buchanan

  3. Tamils do support the LTTE.

    You only have to hear Tamils that have emigrated to NZ.

    They were offered a peace deal by Sri Lanka and refused preffering to fight instead.

    They brought this onto themselves as Sri Lanka has a right to protect it citizens from terrorists.

  4. Socialist Aotearoa is not a Leninist Party. A Leninist Party would imply to me a group committed to Democratic Centralism and with a central committee etc. Socialist Aotearoa doesn’t have this.

    There is a difference between theoretical Leninism, ie liking his theories on imperialism etc and then organisational Leninism, ie Democratic Centralism etc.

  5. Ridiculous Trev. You can’t equate supporting Tamils with supporting the LTTE. Next you’ll be telling us that when I say nice things about Americans I’m expressing sympathy for Timothy McVeigh.


    Sam Buchanan

  6. Don’t play silly buggers anons. Stu’s a marxist-leninist and he hangs around with bona fide Tamil Tiger supporters like Nirupa George.

    This scam is part of an international program to engender public sympathy for the Tigers and their supporters and demonise the Sri Lankan government.

    Much like the anti Israel pro-Palestine propaganda the left so enjoys.

    My “bullshit meter” went berserk the moment you (all?)posted.

  7. why so hurtful dude? The guy obviously cares about people and is just doing what he thinks is the right thing to do. Is it that some old men are a bit jealous that everyone isn’t as miserable as they are?

  8. How absolutely closed minded of you. God-forbid that there should be any change in the world through the protest of the people. Good on Stu for getting the media over there. Now the Tamils (not the LTTE) have some kind of hope for justice.

  9. Supporting any left wing group is supporting terrorism. You all start with protests and fliers but you all inevitably end up in Hindu Kush planning to be suicide bombers.

  10. You seem to be asserting that supporting the Tamil people and supporting the LTTE is the same thing – does the Tamil Supporters Group actually support the Tigers?

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