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From the Communist Party of Australia’s “Guardian”

The governments of Venezuela and Syria signed 12 juridical cooperation instruments as part of President Hugo Chávez’s official visit to this Arab country.

The signing of the documents took place at the Palace of the People (seat of Syria’s government) after an expanded bilateral meeting between the Venezuelan head of state and Syrian President Bachar al Assad, along with their respective working teams.

Chávez noted the importance of these agreements, above all because they define a statement of the will to strengthen relations between the two nations. “We are determined to convert these agreements into a set of plans, programs and projects“, he said.

The Bolivarian News Agency notes that one of the agreements covers energy and oil and provides for the planned creation of a bi-national enterprise for producing and refining crude oil in Venezuela and Syria. Other agreements covered air and maritime transport, aimed at strengthening commercial and technical integration, duty-free zones, tourism and environmental protection.

Likewise, an agreement was signed for cooperation between the Venezuelan National Assembly and the Syrian Parliament. Memorandums of understanding were established in the areas of housing, radio and television, political consultation and agriculture.

President Chávez qualified the signing of the agreements as the beginning of stronger relations with Syria.

In his turn, Al Assad, announced during a press conference that Syria supported Venezuela’s aspirations to hold a seat on the United Nations Security Council, given that it would represent a truly independent position in that forum.


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