Three Year Old Boy Punished for Being a….Boy

My minor disagreement with our kid’s creche managers has unfortunately escalated.

Yesterday, when my wife went to pick up the kids, she found a sign on the door, notifying parents that “war toys” were not acceptable.

Today, when my wife called in for the kids, she found our three year old boy “J“, kneeling by himself in the corner.

Tracey asked the manager what he had done, to be sent to the “naughty corner“.

She was told that a little girl had reported on “J” for “shooting” at her.

J” had been sat on a mat and told to think about his transgression. He had then moved off the mat, so was put in the corner.

Tracey challenged the staff on this and was told that “J” had been warned before about “war” play and that the creche would be enforcing their policy against aggressive play.

Tracey asked the day care manager, that if it was OK for Kiwi soldiers to go off to fight for our country in time of war, surely it was OK for children to act it out?

The manager acknowledged Tracey’s right to her opinion.

We are having a meeting with the crehce’s area supervisor next week.

Will keep you posted.


Author: Admin

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47 thoughts on “Three Year Old Boy Punished for Being a….Boy

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  9. I love the way that whenever one presents a practical argument to a leftist, they take refuge in statements like: “Well, that’s your opinion” or “you’re entitled to hold that view.”

    Another sophist arguing technique designed to avoid having to engage with a strong argument. After being deflected in this manner several times I went away and gave it some thought.

    My response is now: “That’s a deliberate attempt to make this issue a subjective question. I expect you to engage with the points I make and tell me why you believe I’m wrong.”

    Works a treat every time.

    Last time I used it was when someone tried to bat away my contention that homosexual sodomy is not normal, natural behaviour.

    When confronted with the assertion that this was just my opinion, I compelled my opponent to advance her reasons why she believed it was, then wiped the floor with her.

  10. Thanks for your support people. I suspect that this kind of policy may be universal and that the cowboys and Indians and cops and robbers we grew up with may no longer be kosher. I will find out what I can. My wife and I will certainly be making our views strongly known.

  11. Trevor’s libertarian mates are probably responsible for the suggestion he should take his child somewhere else.

    But that’s not always feasible. He’s right to express his views on anti-toy gun policy.

    If all parents stood up to teachers and the minority of politically correct parents we could fix the education system.

    Go for it Trevor!

  12. No Star Wars either! No battles for Middle Earth when they’re older.

    I suppose Baa Baa Black Sheep is banned, too.

  13. It’s not a question of liking kids to pretend shooting at each other.

    It’s about letting kids play fantasy games.

    Where do they draw the line? No Robin Hood, because he uses a bow and arrrows? No Kupe because he would have had a mere at least in his waka and probably something more vicious? No cops and robbers because that is not nice?

    Just play kitchen and all-girlie play?

  14. Why make a fuss about it? If the creche is privately owned they can run it how they like. Take your kid to a creche that likes kids pretending to shoot each other.

  15. The education system is sinking under such crap!

    The pacifists, who mistakenly equate peace with pacificism,are brain washing our kids. Theirs is part of the philosophy that is destroying our boys, as boys’ growing failure in achievement shows.

    Education vouchers are the way to break their hold. In the meantime, give your son a water pistol, let him enjoy cowboys and indian games, and to hell with the vegans, feminazis, leftists, gay activists, and dope smokers of the education establishment.

    I bet there are no winners in the games there, either.

  16. It seems like they are against teaching kids the difference between ‘real’ and ‘pretend’. Maybe they would rather teach kids that everything is ‘real’ if someone believes in it (like taniwhas).

  17. To Ruth

    The comments on private property rights are on the thread above.

    There was no question of war toys being brought to creche, only playing warlike games.

    The anti war toys sign only appeared after our initial disagreemnt recounted on my earlier linked post.

  18. Lighten up Ruth

    Read what I wrote. I acknowleged in the article that it was private property. I acknowledged their right to make any policy they liked.

    I surmised that the policy is the result of government directives, which if true, I’m sure you will acknowledge is not OK.

    He did not have a toy gun. He shot the wee girl with an imaginary gun, for which he was punished in the real world.

    How the hell am I making my boy a pawn?

    Please don’t comment on what you are unable to comprehend

  19. BS Loudon – and shame on you for using your boy as a political pawn.

    It’s called private property rights – and you know it.

    It has been nearly 10 years since my son attended pre-school, and he has had an arsenal of BB guns and slug guns for nearly as long. He has not been disadvantaged by not being allowed to take toy guns to kindergarten.

    War toys have not been allowed in preschools for years — and I have no doubt you know it. What you allow in your own home is irrelavant -the preschool is not your property.Take him out if you don’t like it.

    For shame.

  20. Dear Trevor
    I have 3 sons and whilst never haveing bought any of them a toy gun I can fully understand your bewilderment at this fairly mundane, run of the mill example of the times we live in.

    Perhaps in light of all of us being responsible for the death of chris currie you might like to look within for the real reason this is happening..

    Ask yourself this.

    Have you or anybody in your family or even anybody you have as a friend or associate ever voted Labour???

    If the answer is yes then you are truely reaping what you sow..

  21. Thanks people. Its funny on one level, but quite serious on another.

    From what I can gather, this sort of thing may be quite widespread. We are dealing with a private company here which has every right to set its own policy. However I suspect the directives are in line with government policy and must be implemented to recieve state subsidies.

    If that is true, it gives PC education bureacrats a lot of leverage in determing what behaviour modification practices are applied to children.

    My wife and I have a responsibility to our my kids, to bring them up in the best way we know how.

    When my three year old son, gets punished for doing what I have sanctioned in the home, it becomes an important issue to us.

    I certanly didn’t set out to make an issue of this. I also want the best for my boy and don’t want to pull him out of an environment where he is happy.

    However, there are some serious implications here and I will be delving further.

  22. The naughty corner? But that’s violence against kids!

    Sue Bradford’s proposed repeal of section 59 will see to that soon enough.

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