12 thoughts on “How to Say Nothing in 4.02 Minutes

  1. I thought he was the President of the USA- sure seems like he is speaking to a select group of people here- I hate the fact that this man makes me despise him so much

  2. I'm not watching. I already know the state of the American Republic… The leftists are trying to make it a communist utopia by raiding the treasury for all their friends… The center-right-ists are working their hardest to educate each other, vote in better people and hold their representatives accountable.

    USA won't recover. Period. Until TheWon is escorted out of the people's White House.

  3. "We've created more than a million jobs …" pause, swallow hard while blatantly LYING.


    Yuck Fou!

    Fer De Lance

  4. I hate this POS Communist Revolutionary from Kenya who has usurped the Constitution, illegally occupies the Oval Office and deserves every bit of contempt and resistance the American people can muster.

    I was raised to believe that the only good communist is a dead one and have seen no evidence yet to prove differently.

    Just sayin'

    Henry Bowman

  5. Yes…lots of eye blinks. He even has problems saying FELLOW AMERICANS…almost as if he believes he is not one of us.

  6. I only got through 3 sentences before I had to turn it off. I can't believe that there are Americans who still buy this bunk. Just shows that the liberal educational system is alive and well.

  7. Sorry, Trevor. Love to support your site… tried to watch the video, but couldn't. The sight of this tiny, sorry excuse for a man trying to look stately and Presidential while blithering gibberish only emphasizes what I thought of him from the start: shallow, vain, muddle-headed, immature and hopelessly crass.

    He's almost pitiful, and I mean that sincerely, in the literal sense.

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